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Congressman Chris Gibson Provides Leadership for Conservation Easement Incentive Act


The Columbia Land Conservancy applauds Congressman Chris Gibson for co-sponsoring the Conservation Easement Incentive Act, H.R. 2807.  The bill was adopted by the full House of Representatives as part of the America Gives More Act, H.R. 4719. The Conservation Easement Incentive Act has been the number one legislative priority for the land trust community for several years. It makes it possible for people of modest financial means who own property with high conservation value to be able to afford to permanently protect their land.

“Conservation easements [...] have led to a significant increase in the acreage of protected farms and forests across the country—properties that benefit all of us through their agricultural productivity and natural beauty,” said Congressman Gibson.  Gibson, who has been a leader on conservation issues in the House, specifically thanked CLC for our efforts in farmland protection and habitat conservation.
To learn more about conservation easements, and CLC’s efforts, click here.
To learn more about the Conservation Easement Incentive Act, click here.

Support CLC’s efforts to create North Bay Recreation and Natural Area


Last Thursday’s Columbia Paper editorial discusses the North Bay project:  “CLC and city and county officials have made great progress over the last three years and now have agreed to support a modest initiative aimed at planning the specific steps needed to create the North Bay Recreation and Natural Area….. [the] small steps it would take to improve and extend a new point of public access to the Hudson River and its shoreline also remind us what makes this county a special place. No matter how we measure the financial rewards from this new natural resource, its existence will enrich our lives.”
We hope you help us safeguard North Bay’s special habitats during your visits, and support our efforts to bring this public recreational space to fruition.


Climate Change: It’s Real and It’s Serious

Transmission Lines

by Peter Paden Published July 4, 2014 in the Register-Star

Climate Change: It’s Real and It’s Serious

I learned something really interesting the other day about snapping turtles. Their gender is determined by the temperature of the nest where the eggs are incubated. Turtles lay eggs anywhere from 6 to 10 inches deep. Those closer to the surface are warmer, and produce females; males are a product of the deeper, cooler nests. To me, this is one of those fascinating scientific factoids that inspire amazement and awe at the mysteries of the universe.


Celebrate July 4th With Us At Siegel Kline Kill


We will keep the Independence Day festivities going at our 3rd PCA Day of the summer with fun to last into the evening on July 5th, Saturday at Siegel – Kline Kill Conservation Area. There will be old-fashioned games and races (horseshoe, sack-race, bubble blowing, etc); two fun duck-herding demonstrations; an Independence Day themed story by a professional story-teller; our Hike 5 Program; a Bonfire with s’mores; and much more! This day will be for the young and young-at-heart alike! Please, check our website for details, and please register for this event.

CLC honored by Chamber of Commerce


At the first “Best of Columbia County” awards presented by the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce and the Register Star, CLC was honored to have been voted the Best Non-Profit/Community Organization!

Come To The Summer’s Second Fun-Filled PCA Day at Ooms

Ooms PCA Day (3)

CLC  invites you to the summer’s second  PCA Day – a day of fun-filled activities celebrating our Public Conservation Areas (PCAs). On Saturday, June 21st, between 10 – 3 pm, at Ooms PCA we will offer a variety of activities, some lasting all day and some with a set schedule.  Stop in and enjoy as many as you wish.  There will be kayaking and paddle boarding in Sutherland Pond with Steiner Sports; water chestnuts removal from your own boat; wetland ecologist Casey Tompkins brings back his  turtle presentation, complete with  live  turtles; he will lead a Wetland Ecology walk around Sutherland Pond; we will offer our Hike Five, Nature Quest, and geocaching activities.

Come prepared to make fun summer memories! Please, register for this event.

Have Fun In The Water And Help Us Remove Water Chestnuts

Earth Day

Want to feel really good about playing in the water? Come paddle with us and help us remove water chestnuts! We need all the helping hands we can get to tackle this highly invasive plant. Between June 8 – June 23 CLC plans to remove water chestnuts as often as possible at Meizinger Lake of Hand Hollow PCA and at Sutherland Pond of Ooms PCA. Participants will be shown how to safely remove and dispose of water chestnut by boat or from shore. If you have a canoe, kayak, or row boat, please bring it. CLC has a few boats to lend. For more information, contact Nate Davis, 518.392.5252, ext. 205.
We hope you join us for this fun and rewarding mission!