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Governor Cuomo Invests in Hudson Valley Farmland Conservation


On Wednesday, January 21st, as part of his State of the State address, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced a $20-million strategic initiative to protect working farms, agriculture, and related businesses in the Hudson Valley through the purchase of farmland conservation easements.
The region’s farms supply farmer’s markets locally and in the metropolitan area, but the potential is even greater, and demand for locally grown food is high. This funding for farmland protection through voluntary conservation easements supports family farm owners and keeps agriculture viable in light of increasing land prices and development pressures.
To find out more about this announcement, read proposals #16-18 of Governor Cuomo’s 2015 Opportunity Agenda. You can also read the full 2015 Opportunity Agenda policy book, see pp. 102-103. To find out more about how CLC protects farmland in Columbia County with conservation easements, check out our website.

Thank you for rising to our challenge!


Thanks to you, we reached our 2014 Annual Fund goal, and we made our Board’s match challenge! We raised over $100,000 in new or increased contributions to our 2014 Annual Fund.
We are grateful to have your strong support as we embark – together – on another exciting year of conservation. We truly cannot do it without you!

Year-End Reflections

Transmission Lines

by Peter Paden Published January 1, 2015 in the Register-Star

Once more, we stand at the cross-roads of the year just passed and the year ahead, a juncture that inspires reflection and assessment. It’s a good occasion to provide the community with a report on what we at the Columbia Land Conservancy have to show for our efforts in the last twelve months. I’m proud to tell you about it.

But first, a quick reminder. Just what exactly is CLC trying to accomplish?
What Are We Trying To Do?

One good way to understand the Columbia Land Conservancy is that we are working to ensure that the qualities that make Columbia County such a special place, the qualities that everyone who lives here values so highly, will endure.


Senator Schumer visits CLC to make a conservation announcement


U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer was at our offices on Saturday, December 20, to launch his push to make a tax benefit permanent that helps keep family farms alive and helps preserve the beauty and character of Columbia County. The Senator explained that there is a tax benefit, called the enhanced conservation easement tax deduction, that allows family farmers, ranchers, and forest land owners to receive significant tax benefits for foregoing development rights on their land and donating it for conservation easement instead.

You Make These Stories Possible: Recreation at Public Conservation Areas


You helped CLC provide free recreational opportunities to thousands of visitors at our ten Public Conservation Areas all year round. Thanks to your support, CLC’s Public Conservation Areas offered visitors of all ages a chance to explore a variety of  activities (such as animal tracking, shown in photo); and build bonds with the natural world and with each other. View our Recreation at Public Conservation Areas photo album on Facebook.
Please, support our Annual Fund so together we can provide free recreational opportunities to Columbia County’s residents and visitors. Help us protect what you value! You can double the impact of your gift today!

You Make These Stories Possible: Outdoor Environmental Education


You helped CLC offer free Environmental Education programs to hundreds of participants at our ten Public Conservation Areas (PCAs) throughout the year, including our three daylong ‘PCA Days.’ Thanks to your support, CLC helped participants discover the richness of local plants and wildlife in a fun hands-on setting; partnered with environmental educators to engage people of all ages; and fostered the connection between people and the beautiful surroundings here in Columbia County. View our Outdoor Environmental Education photo album on Facebook.
Please, support our Annual Fund so together we can continue making connections between people and the land. You can double the impact of your gift today!

You Make These Stories Possible: Greenagers Build Trails And Self-Esteem


You helped CLC employ local high school students this summer in partnership with the youth organization Greenagers to build and improve the trails at our Public Conservation Areas. Thanks to your support, this Greenagers season was a win-win for all: visitors like you can soon expect access to seven miles of beautiful new trails at our Greenport and Round Ball Mountain Conservation Areas; CLC fostered community engagement in conservation; and the two Greenagers crews returned to high school as more confident young adults. View our Greenagers photo album on Facebook. Read about the Greenagers’ success in our Newsletter.
Please, support our Annual Fund so together we can continue inspiring the next generation of conservationists. You can double the impact of your gift today!