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Earth Day

As of last weekend, amphibian migrations have begun in the lower and mid-Hudson Valley, according to the DEC’s Hudson River Estuary Program and Cornell University. Reports from Albany and Rensselaer indicated it was still a little too cold for our northern neighbors. After the warm, dry days this week, it’s likely the next rainfall will bring out many more amphibians on their way to vernal pools (or heading back to the forest, if they got an early start on breeding). Watch out for migrating amphibians on our roads during these conditions!
CLC is among the many organizations helping to train volunteer scientists who survey roads and help crossing amphibians. As of last weekend, volunteers observed the following species: spotted salamander, Jefferson/blue-spotted salamander, four-toed salamanders, wood frogs, spring peepers, American toads, and northern redback salamanders. More information about amphibian migrations and identification guidance is available on the DEC monitoring website.

Celebrate Earth Day – Volunteer with CLC!

 Earth Day

On April 22nd, Tuesday, we are hosting an Earth-Day Clean-up Volunteer Day at all ten of our Public Conservation Areas (PCAs) – and we invite you to celebrate with us!
Come to any of our PCAs starting at 10 am and stay for as long as you wish. Have a blast getting our Public Conservation Areas ready for the 2014 season, then at 2:00 pm join us for a guided walk and enjoy the woods we just improved. What better way to celebrate this international event in support of our planet – and Columbia County?
Please, register for this event and then email Nate Davis with the PCA location of your choice, so we know where we can expect you. We hope to see you, your family, and any helping hand you can bring!

Conservation: A Solid Strategy for Economic Development

by Peter Paden Published April 4, 2014 in the Register-Star

Conservation: A Solid Strategy for Economic Development

I have a great idea to bolster economic development in Columbia County: we should as an entire community renew and redouble our commitment to conservation.  We should collaborate to create as many publicly accessible parks, forests and nature preserves as possible; we should aggressively work to construct a system of interconnecting trail corridors;  we should conserve as much good farm and forest land as quickly as we can.

Seriously?  Yes, seriously. CONTINUE READING

Enter CLC’s raffle to win spectacular prizes!

hot air balloon ride

You can begin buying raffle tickets to win spectacular prizes at our annual Country Barbecue, while supporting our local conservation efforts. Raffle items include wonderful ways to enjoy the best of the region:
Hot air balloon ride over Columbia County; a Kayak; Party for 20 with tent, food, and live music; Raised bed gardens built and planted in location of your choice; and more!
You can purchase tickets at the CLC Store at 49 Main Street in Chatham, or purchase them at the Country Barbecue. With any questions, please contact Elizabeth Phillips at 518.392.5252, ext 202. 100% of the proceeds supports CLC’s conservation work.

More Power Lines In Our Future?

by Peter Paden Published March 7, 2014 in the Register-Star

More Power Lines In Our Future?

Power line proposals are in the headlines in Columbia County these days. A couple of years ago NYSEG proposed to construct a new power line across more than 11 miles of farms, wood lots, wetlands and scenic public spaces in Ghent. More recently, serious discussion is underway of proposals arising out of Governor Cuomo’s so-called “Energy Highway” initiative that could significantly expand major power line corridors already bisecting large portions of our county, leading to the condemnation of hundreds of acres of privately-owned land, including productive farmland, healthy forests and other sensitive ecosystems, and creating an enormous visual blight across a broad and lengthy swath of our landscape. CONTINUE READING

We invite you to our annual Pancake Breakfast

Pancake Breakfast 2014

Let us thank you for your support of land protection in Columbia County and celebrate the successes we have achieved together. We invite all of our members and volunteers to our annual Pancake Breakfast celebration on Saturday, March 29th, where you can enjoy pancakes with local maple syrup, live music, and activities for children. Admission is free for all donors, volunteers, and their families. To register, please visit our Events page.

Snowshoers Needed for Community Art Project

Climbing Tree Farm

With almost a foot of fresh snow on the ground, it is time to strap on our snowshoes! We have planned a three-day event for one and all to have fun drawing patterns in the snow! Artist Sonja Hinrichsen will lead a community project to create snowshoe designs on Sutherland Pond, Ooms Public Conservation Area.
Volunteers can come at any point and stay for as long as they like. The drawing sessions will run Friday through Sunday, February 7-9, from 10am-3pm each day.
For more information, please visit our Events page.