Hudson North Bay Recreation and Natural Area

CLC is working with the City of Hudson and Columbia County to transform a former landfill in the City of Hudson and surrounding open space into a public recreation and natural area. We envision a trail network that would link the City with an expansive tract of open space and natural habitat, stretching from the City’s Charles Williams Park, through the Greenport Conservation Area owned by CLC, all the way north to Harrier Hill Park.

The North Bay Recreation and Natural Area would:

North Bay
Remnants of a dock
Remnants of brick works at Greenport Conservation Area
Historical painting of clavers
View toward North Bay and “clavers” at right. Signed and dated Henry Ary, 1849. Courtesy of Ruth Piwonka
Education Program
Within walking distance from downtown Hudson and Hudson area schools, the North Bay would be an excellent site for education programs
  • Connect residents of the city of Hudson to nearly 1,000 acres of protected open space
  • Enhance protection of significant coastal fish and wildlife habitat in the Hudson River Estuary
  • Protect forested wetlands, upland forests, and successional fields/grasslands
  • Offer interpretation and education about the history of settlement along the Hudson River
  • Create a permanent outdoor classroom for research and habitat management

The Concept Master Plan, published by CLC with the support of the City and Columbia County in 2011, describes the opportunities and challenges of creating the North Bay Recreation and Natural Area. It recommends the conservation of the North Bay’s rich natural resources through ecologically-based design. The plan was funded by a grant from the Hudson River Foundation’s Catskill-Olana Viewshed Mitigation Fund.

The idea of developing the site’s potential as a community resource is not new. The 2002 City of Hudson Comprehensive Plan called for a trail network at the North Bay, and the City’s Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan (LWRP) also endorses this vision.

For more information, please contact Christine Vanderlan: or call 518.392.5252, ext 208.

Editorials about the North Bay project.
July 17, 2014, Thursday, Columbia Paper.  “CLC and city and county officials have made great progress over the last three years and now have agreed to support a modest initiative aimed at planning the specific steps needed to create the North Bay Recreation and Natural Area….. [the] small steps it would take to improve and extend a new point of public access to the Hudson River and its shoreline also remind us what makes this county a special place. No matter how we measure the financial rewards from this new natural resource, its existence will enrich our lives.”
Click here for full editorial.

July 23, 2014, Wednesday, Register-Star. “A hidden jewel exists just north of Hudson. The North Bay area is a diamond in the rough and the Columbia Land Conservancy is looking to turn it into a recreation and educational area that visitors can enjoy while maintaining its ecological landscape.”
Click here for full editorial.

PDF Downloads

Concept Master Plan
Appendix: Natural Resource Inventory
Appendix:Landfill Condition Report

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