“Give CLC a Quote”

Tell the world why you like CLC. CLC’s conservation work affects people and improves all of our lives. Support our work by giving a CLC testimonial that we can use in our publicity work. Browse our website and you’ll see them in use.

May 1, 2012 Update: Thanks everyone for giving us a quote. A winning entry has been randomly selected. The winner will receive a a CLC hooded sweatshirt from the CLC Store. Feel free to continue adding testimonials.

Here are some of our favorites from the submissions at the Pancake Breakfast:

CLC is great because I can’t go a day without playing outside, and CLC allows it.

Sam Ferrone

Thank you for helping us keep Columbia County beautiful!

Lee Jamison

Columbia Land Conservancy is a wonderful organization that brings the people and community of Columbia County together!

Micol Wajskol

CLC is forward thinking, keeping open land for generations to come.

Marcia Anderson

5 Responses to “Give CLC a Quote”

  1. Sue Bassin says:

    CLC keeps us all in touch with Columbia County!

  2. Many of the peaceful places where I grew up in the suburbs are no more. Expanded roads, houses, condos, retail now sit where the apple orchards and fishing holes used to. CLC is making sure our grand kids and thier grandkids can experience these natural treasures and not just hear about them and how great they “used to be”.

  3. Diana Jelinek says:

    Every summer I am grateful for the work that you do. I regularly go to the CLC trails in Greenport and to High Falls. I marvel at the luxury of having such well tended trails on which to walk a dog and to run, benches and gazebos in which to picnic with friends. In both places there are marvelous views and your diligent attention to signage and maintenance is much appreciated. Thank you for all the work you do to preserve the beauty of Columbia County

  4. Carole Teator says:

    I have been researching my family tree and have discovered that my family has lived in Columbia County for more than two hundred years. Although I grew up in New Jersey and now live in Iowa, I am grateful for–and support–CLC’s efforts to preserve the homeland of my ancestors. I also work for an Iowa environental organization and have been deeply impressed with CLC’s programs. Thank you!

  5. jeremy brown says:

    I love Columbia County because it still has the natural beauty that soothes the soul.

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