10 Things CLC is Thankful For

CLC is thankful for the great qualities of Columbia County that inspire our work. We are thankful to the people that sustain the organization. Here are some highlights.

Fall Views

10. Columbia County’s Beauty

This time of year is amazing. First you get the vibrant fall colors. When the leaves fall, you get even more accessible views of the Berkshire, Taconic, and Catskill Mountain Ranges.

Apple Pie

9. Pie

Berry, apple, pumpkin, take your pick; we are thankful for pie. Get local ingredients or buy one already made at Love Apple Farm, Samascott Garden Store, or the Hudson Farmer’s Market.


8. Bountiful Harvests

As the ground freezes, farmers rush to harvest the last of their planted crops. The harvest provides us food and supports the farmers and Columbia County’s rural way of life.

Blue Door - Kate Frank Cohen

7. Local Photographers

Thank you for documenting the wonders of the land we inhabit and showing us new ways of looking at it. Extra special thanks when you send us your pictures and post them on our Facebook page.

Cardinal at feeder - Photo by Torindkflt, http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Torindkflt

6. Cardinals at the Bird Feeder

Seeing a cardinal’s vivid red feathers and head crest will make any day better.

Praying mantis

5. Praying Mantises

They look cool and they eat garden pests. Look out for egg casings, which are deposited in Autumn.
Praying mantis egg casing


4. Conservationists & Committee Members

Thank you to all those people who take their passion for conservation and join committees and organizations to create more trails, ensure smart development, and work to make sure planning includes informed conservation principles.

Abode of the Message, part of the Mt. Lebanon Project

3. Federal and State Support for Conservation Projects

Government funds have helped permanently protect farmland throughout the county and supported the creation of conservation areas open to the public for recreational use. CLC is currently working on two large-scale projects (Mt Lebanon and Farmland Protection) dependent on government funds.

Last leaves - Photo by Mary Hutchinson, http://www.flickr.com/photos/mary_hutchison/6217849751/

2. Last Autumn Leaves

It’s great when a few leaves are holding on after the others have fallen.

People walk on a trail

1. CLC Supporters

CLC donors and volunteers make CLC’s conservation work possible.

What are you thankful for? Tell us in the comments!

2 Responses to 10 Things CLC is Thankful For

  1. Diana Jelinek says:

    I am grateful for the Conservancy trails in Greenport and Philmont and the pleasure I get from being able to use them.

  2. Ruth Moser says:

    Love your list! I have been driving all around Columbia County for years as a Real Estate Broker
    and it is the most incredibly beautiful area, almost everywhere anytime of year!

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