Nature Photography Workshop

Photo by Andreas StresemannPhoto by Andreas Stresemann

A dozen photographers joined Nic Flood for a workshop at the Ooms Conservation Area at Sutherland Pond. The program included hands-on guidance on the techniques for making compelling nature and landscape images.

Photos by Andreas Stresemann

Photo by Andreas Stresemann

4 Responses to Nature Photography Workshop

  1. jeff levin says:

    I am interested in your photo workshops, when are they scheduled?


    • Jeff, thank you for your interest. Currently we do not have photo workshops scheduled. We hope to offer them in 2014, so please, visit our events page periodically for our upcoming spring and summer schedule. Hope to see you at many of our events!

  2. Ann Zinsser says:

    The photographs featured on your website and in publications are wonderful; the photo workshop picture of the water lily pads is just another great example. Have you considered making a selection, possiblly matted, available for sale? A revenue source for sure and a way for many to “visit our beautiful area, Columbia County” when they can’t actually be here.

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