“CLC’s conservation areas offer exceptional beauty in every season. I am grateful for the opportunities they provide for exercise and contemplation, all within a short distance of my home.” – Edward Fallon

Click on each Public Conservation Area to access trail maps and learn more. Click here to view a brochure the describes all the sites.


Hand Hollow Ooms Schor Bordens Pond Siegel Kline Kill Harrier Hill Greenport High Falls Drowned Lands Round Ball Mountain

Our Public Conservation areas are open year-round from dawn to dusk, and free to the public (though of course, we encourage you to make a donation if you enjoyed yourself!).  These areas provide a variety of different experiences for visitors, whether you’re interested in trekking up the hills at Round Ball Mountain or Drowned Lands, or watching the monarchs at Greenport Conservation Area (which includes an Accessible for All trail for individuals who use a wheelchair).

Our organization is responsible for managing trails, so we use counters to gather data about trail use.  This helps us to better understand and manage our trails, and is very important when applying for grants and other funding.  To learn more about the TRAFx trail counters we use, please click here.


  • Pets must be on leash at all times and dog waste must be removed from the site.  Unleashed pets may harm the plants and wildlife that make the area special, or cause a disturbance to other visitors.  Leaving dog waste on the site is a major annoyance to visitors and CLC maintenance staff.
  • In an effort to minimize human impact on the conservation areas, no trash receptacles are located at the sites. Take your trash with you when you leave.
  • CLC cannot legally allow swimming at Public Conservation Areas.
  • Please respect the plants, animals, and artifacts at the sites as they make the properties special.


The Columbia Land Conservancy issues permits every year to a small number of individuals to hunt deer at six of our Public Conservation Areas. When visiting these sites during hunting season, particularly during early morning and evening hours, please wear orange or other bright colors. Click here to learn more about hunting at CLC properties.

Fishing at Conservation Areas is permitted by permit only; New York State regulations and license requirements apply. For further information, please contact Nate Davis at nate.davis@clctrust.org or 518.392.5252, ext. 205.

Please be aware that your watercraft, equipment, and personal gear can spread aquatic invasive species to other bodies of water. Click here for more information about how you can stop the spread of invasive species.

Maintenance at our Public Conservation Areas has been supported by the Hudson River Bank & Trust Foundation.

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