Environmental Education

Over 4,000 People Participated in our 2012 Educational Programs.

CLC provides opportunities for children and adults to explore the wonders of the natural world while gaining knowledge of basic natural science concepts. These programs are offered free of charge and are held at Public Conservation Areas and privately protected lands throughout the county. We also work with area libraries, assisted living facilities, and senior services.

Great excursion at Schor yesterday. Zane had a fabulous time. He loves the CLC sites but to do so with a patient and enthusiastic guide and instructor was a real bonus. On the way out to school this morning, he took great joy in pointing out all the squirrel tracks in the yard to his three year-old sister.

Thanks again for all your work in putting these things together. Having the woods and the outdoor spaces be a part of the children’s fabric in this way is invaluable.

Scott Sylvester, parent

Programs with Schools and Educational Organizations

CLC works with schools and educational organizations across the county, providing children with inquiry based, hands-on environmental educational experiences about the natural environment of Columbia County. Our programs for schools are experiential, age-appropriate, and intended to assist students in meeting the New York State learning standards. All classes can be customized to fit different age groups with appropriate activities that foster a connection to the natural world.

Programs for Landowners

CLC celebrates and supports the county’s working landscapes and serves as a resource for local landowners.

Programs for Farmers

CLC works to ensure that agriculture remains a dynamic part of the county’s identity and economy

Co-Educators and Assistants

CLC is seeking co-educators and assistants to help us develop, coordinate, and teach our customized education and interpretive programs. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge and skills, please contact Tom Crowell at 518.392.5252, ext. 209 or tom@clctrust.org.

Education Resources

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