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Nature Quest

There are hidden boxes at nine of our Public Conservation Areas. You can find them using clues in the Nature Quest Passport, a guidebook to outdoor fun and adventure. Each site has a Quest that involves rhyming couplets that lead you through amazing wildlife habitats and across interesting historical and natural features. Questing is an American version of Letterboxing, a British pastime combining navigation, art, and treasure hunting. At the end of each quest there is a waterproof box that contains a special stamp, an ink pad, and a logbook. Use the stamp to mark your passport, then sign or stamp the logbook. Complete all nine quests for a prize.

Purchase The Nature Quest Passport

Pickup the Nature Quest Passport at the CLC Store in Chatham. Cost is $5 for the full-color, printed booklet containing all 9 quests.

You can also download a free pdf of the Nature Quest.

Along with our second edition, we have updated the quests for Greenport Conservation Area and High Falls Conservation Area.

Snow, freezing temperatures, and other weather events, may make Nature Quests difficult to complete during the winter.  Users are welcome to use the quests as a guide for the trail, but during the winter Nature Quest boxes will likely be buried under snow and stamp pads frozen.

3 Responses to Nature Quest

  1. Adam says:

    Found one box by accident, leading me to the source of the quest. Now I may take my son to all of the PCA’s in Columbia County just to go treasure hunting.

  2. Paul Swieton says:

    My daughter and i had a fun time tracking down all the stamps. It was a great outdoor activity for us to share together and a good gateway adventure for introducing her to hiking. Thank you for coming up with the Nature Quest adventure and all of the other work you guys do.

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