We uses a variety of strategies to keep the lands we protect in good condition.  Each of our Conservation Areas has a Master Plan outlining different activities that we undertake to manage invasive species, encourage wildlife, and protect any rare species.  We are also able to share resources you might be interested in to help you steward your own land or easement property.

Contact Heidi Bock, Conservation Easement Stewardship Manager, at or 518.392.5252, ext. 207 if you have questions about your easement, or Nate Davis, Public Lands Projects Manager, at or 518.392.5252, ext. 205 for questions about how we manage our Public Conservation Areas.

Land Protection

We use a combination of public and private land protection strategies to help ensure that the unique natural features and landscapes that define Columbia County such as our forestland, water bodies, farmland, and public open space remain healthy, vibrant and intact for future generations.  CLC helps private landowners protect their land through establishing a conservation easement, a voluntary agreement that limits incompatible development on the property.

To request assistance with land protection, please contact Marissa Codey at or 518.392.5252, ext. 211.

Support for Agriculture

CLC recognizes that agriculture is a significant part of Columbia County’s history, landscape and local economy, and we operate a variety of programs to help protect and support our agricultural community that together provide an array of options for farmers, non-farming landowners and others to become engaged in farming and farmland protection.  We work with farmland owners to permanently protect their land from incompatible development, and we offer agricultural training opportunities and workshops.

To request assistance, please contact Marissa Codey at, or 518.392.5252, ext. 211.

Community Planning & Engagement

The Community Planning and Engagement program is a planning resource for Columbia County communities. We organize training workshops, programs, and roundtables to build local capacity for conservation, open space and trail planning.  Our staff provides assistance and resources to help local municipalities and organizations realize their own vision for conservation, trails and open space planning, and appropriate development. CLC partners with groups that are creating new parks and recreation trails, expanding opportunities for people to connect with the land.

To request assistance, please contact Christine Vanderlan at or 518.392.5252, ext. 208.

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