CLC offers a number of services to municipalities and local advisory boards:

  • Assistance with comprehensive plans, and farmland and open space protection plans
  •  Reviewing codes and local ordinances related to planning and conservation
  • Support to planning boards regarding conservation development and site design
  • Assistance with consultant Requests-for-Proposals (RFP’s)

To request CLC’s assistance with community planning services, please contact Christine Vanderlan at or 518.392.5252, ext. 208.

Assistance to Conservation Advisory Councils

CLC hosts Roundtable meetings for Conservation Advisory Councils (CACs), which advise municipal officials on topics related to conservation, site design, and land use planning. The Roundtables offer a relaxed forum for members of CACs to share information and strategies.

Upcoming CAC Roundtables are listed in our Calendar.

Public Trail & Open Space Development

CLC is a partner to communities pursuing public open space and trail projects throughout Columbia County. Our services include assistance with planning, grant proposals and grant management, mapping, public presentations, and outreach to enlist support from local, county, and state government.

CLC convenes the Columbia County Trails Roundtable where trail organizers and their supporters come together to share experiences and to strategize. CLC convened the first Columbia County Trails Conference in April 2011 in partnership with the Hudson River Valley Greenway and other co-sponsors including the National Park Service, New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, and Parks & Trails New York.

Upcoming Trails Roundtables are listed in our Calendar.

North Bay Recreation & Natural Area

CLC is working with the City of Hudson and Columbia County on the redevelopment of the North Bay landfill in Hudson as a recreation and natural area. This project will link the Greenport Public Conservation Area  and the City of Hudson.

Scenic Views

In the spring of 2015, CLC partnered with the Hawthorne Valley Farmscape Ecology Program to map the scenic views of Columbia County. Mapping scenic views serves several purposes. First, the map will help people to get to know and appreciate the scenic beauty of the landscape. Second, the data from the Scenic Views map will help CLC identify the location of scenic resources and strengthen our conservation work. And third, the map will help municipalities to consider specific scenic resources in their plans and policies, and it will identify gaps in their information, plans, and tools to conserve scenic resources.

Land Use Training Series

CLC sponsors at least two training workshops annually for municipal boards, which qualify for the annual board training requirement. We work with a diverse range of partners including the Columbia and Greene County Departments of Economic Development and Tourism and Planning; the Columbia County Planning Board; the County Environmental Management Council; New York State Department of Environmental Conservation; the Hudson River Estuary Program; Hudsonia LTD; New York Rural Water Association; and many others. If your board is seeking training on a topic and not finding it offered, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our upcoming training workshops are listed in our Calendar.
To view information about prior trainings, visit the Community Planning Resources page.

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