“As a business who does the majority of our business with customers who work the land in Columbia County in various ways – farmers, homeowners, landscapers – CLC has guided and assisted many of our customers in improving their circumstances by participating [in] and learning from programs offered by CLC.” – Columbia Tractor, Inc. 

CLC’s Strategies for Stewarding Land

We use a number of strategies to keep our Public Conservation Areas accessible and enjoyable.  These include managing invasive species; planting native trees and shrubs along streambanks; encouraging pollinators like birds, bees, and butterflies; and mowing field grasses during times of the year that won’t harm ground-nesting songbirds.  To find out more about how we manage our Public Conservation Areas, contact Nate Davis at nate.davis@clctrust.org or 518.392.5252, ext. 205.  You can also visit our Public Conservation Areas pages to find a management plan for each site that discusses our stewardship activities in detail.

Taking Care of Your Property

There are several local organizations that contain a wealth of expertise about how to best steward your property.  If you’d like specific advice about contractors, please contact Heidi Bock at heidi.bock@clctrust.org or 518.392.5252, ext. 207.

Agroforestry Research Center of Columbia and Greene Counties – Information about timber harvesting.
Columbia County Soil and Water Conservation District – How to manage your soil health, water resources, and agricultural land.
Community Deer Advisor – How to manage deer.
Cornell Cooperative Extension of Columbia and Greene Counties – Information about gardening, recycling, and landscaping
Gardening for Wildlife – Tips for how you can encourage wildlife to visit your property.
National Wild Turkey Federation New York – Want to specifically encourage turkeys to visit your property?  Find out how here.


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