Donating land supports the Columbia Land Conservancy and can ensure the property is permanently protected with a conservation easement; this also preserves wildlife habitats and scenic views. Donating land to CLC generally provides landowners with tax benefits.  CLC evaluates the conservation value of the land in question and works with the landowner to determine the best use. Donated land may have a conservation easement placed on it, it may be converted into a Public Conservation Area, and/or all or part of it may be sold as a tradeland.

Remainder Interest Land Donation

A remainder interest donation is a land donation where the landowner retains life-use of the property. The donor may get immediate tax benefits and continue to live on the land throughout his or her lifetime.

Donating Land or Conservation Easements After Your Lifetime

A landowner can donate land or a conservation easement to CLC in his or her will. A person making such a devise should work with CLC to make sure the project meets CLC’s conservation criteria and that CLC will be able to accept it. In the case of a conservation easement, it is best to clarify the terms of the easement during the donor’s lifetime in order to ensure that the easement accomplishes the donor’s goals.  Click here for more information about including CLC in your estate planning.


Tradelands are properties donated to the CLC to further our conservation and education work. These properties may or may not have significant conservation characteristics.

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