Schor Oak TreeSince 1986, the Columbia Land Conservancy has been working to conserve the farmland, forests, wildlife habitat and rural character of Columbia County, strengthening connections between people and the land. Our goal is to ensure that Columbia County will be a strong and vibrant rural community, where agriculture plays a central role in the economy, where development respects historic traditions and natural resources, and where there are accessible open spaces and abundant, healthy natural lands and wildlife habitats.

The development staff at CLC can help you plan for tomorrow and receive maximum benefits today. If you have questions about planned giving options, or if you would like to make a gift to the CLC, please contact Peter R. Paden at 518.392.5252 ext. 213 or CLC strongly recommends that you consult with your attorney, accountant and/or financial advisor in evaluating which options might be appropriate for you and in implementing a planned gift.

If you share this vision, you can make the conservation of Columbia County’s exceptionally scenic landscapes and rich ecological resources a vital part of your own legacy by making a planned gift to CLC. For more information about various options available to you, click here. If you’re interested in making a donation of land, please visit that section of our website for more information.  A planned gift is a good way to ensure that future generations will continue to enjoy the unique character of Columbia County. It is also an important way for you to maximize the financial rewards of your philanthropy. These gifts are structured to help you realize the full range of the tax and income incentives provided by law to encourage your charitable giving.

Jonathan Schor Society

Jonathan Schor was a long time trustee and devoted CLC supporter. He was passionately committed to our conservation mission. Jon made several generous gifts to CLC in his lifetime, and when he passed away in 2004 he made a substantial bequest, which included Schor Conservation Area. Columbia County will forever benefit from Jon’s deep and abiding love of the land, nature, and community work.

CLC would like to recognize other dedicated supporters who have chosen to leave a legacy for the future of Columbia County by welcoming them to the Jonathan Schor Society. Schor Society members enjoy a unique relationship with the organization, and are invited to attend special events and programs that provide an opportunity to become more intimately involved in our work.

If you have already made a provision for CLC in your estate plan, please let us know so that we may acknowledge your gift and include you as a member of the Jonathan Schor Society. Thank you! However you choose to give to CLC, we are grateful for your investment in Columbia County’s future. Your planning today helps ensure that its special qualities will be protected for future generations.

Your gift will truly be a lasting legacy.

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