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Support our ongoing project to protect 1,310 acres of land in New Lebanon and Canaan
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233 acres protected in Stuyvesant
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Land Protection

Columbia County has long been considered one of the most agriculturally important and ecologically diverse landscapes in the Hudson River Valley. Since 1986, the Columbia Land Conservancy has been working with private landowners, Columbia county communitiesfarmers, and conservation partners to conserve these critically important natural resources. CLC has permanently protected 29,500 acres of land – 25% of all privately conserved land in the Hudson Valley and 60% in the Capital Region.

I was raised to honor nature and to have a deep respect for agriculture. The Columbia Land Conservancy makes it possible that those values will always be protected.

Rene Gibson, Conservation Easement Donor


A voluntary legal agreement that ensures the permanent protection of a property’s natural characteristics, while allowing landowners to continue to live on, utilize, and enjoy their land. Conservation Easements often entitle landowners to significant state and federal income tax deductions and generally allow for agricultural and forestry activities.

Donate Land

Support the Columbia Land Conservancy and ensure that the land, wildlife habitat, and scenic views are permanently protected with a conservation easement.


If a landowner needs immediate income and is considering selling his or her land, or just the development rights on the land, a bargain sale can make a conservation project more affordable for CLC and offers several benefits to the landowner.

Tax Benefits

Donating Land or Conservation Easements often entitle landowners to significant state and federal income tax deduction.

Carlson Property For Sale

Purchase this donated tradeland and support our conservation and education work.


If you own land that you would like to conserve, contact Tony Colyer-Pendas 518.392.5252, ext 201 or tony@clctrust.org. CLC staff can help you explore the different land conservation options available to you and provide general information about tax benefits and legal considerations. Whether you want to protect a small meadow or an entire forest, CLC is here to help.

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