Conservation Easements

A conservation easement is a voluntary legal agreement that ensures the permanent protection of a property’s natural characteristics, while allowing landowners to continue to live on, utilize, and enjoy their land.

CLC has helped some 200 local landowners to protect 24,077 acres of land through voluntary conservation agreements. We have step-by-step instructions on how you can protect your land.


  • Desire to protect land’s rural character, and its natural resources
  • Prevent unwanted uses and incompatible development when selling a portion of the land
  • Ensure that family lands remain intact for future generations
  • Build consensus about the future of family land from one family generation to the next
  • Reduce estate taxes and ease the financial burden of passing property on to heirs
  • Help balance open space and development in the county
  • Receive income and property tax benefits
  • Create or expand Neighborhood Conservation Blocks – protected lands that can conserve wildlife corridors, support important wildlife habitats, and sustain agriculture and forestry.

Whatever the reason, protecting land is truly one of the finest legacies a person can leave to a community and future generations. CLC will help you learn about the different land protection options and their associated tax benefits.