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CLC’s Tradeland Program Benefits Donors, Protects Rural Landscapes and Furthers Education Programs

The success of the Columbia Land Conservancy is, in part, directly linked to the generosity of the individuals who have donated land for resale as part of our Tradeland Program.

Tradelands are properties donated to the CLC to further our conservation and education work. These properties may or may not have significant conservation characteristics.

    • Properties as small as a few acres as well as sites of more than 100 acres have been donated to CLC.
    • CLC staff and board of trustees evaluate the donated property’s natural resources; if they are deemed to be of long-term conservation importance, the property will be protected with a conservation easement prior to selling it to a conservation buyer.
    • All proceeds from the sale are applied to our conservation work throughout the county.
    • Land donations often have tax benefits.

Current Tradeland Properties for Sale

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