Columbia Land Conservancy Office

49 Main Street, Chatham, NY

This is the location of the CLC Store and our office.

CLC Events at Columbia Land Conservancy Office:

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    Big Night

    Saturday, March 12th , 2016 1:00pm

    If you like frogs, toads, and salamanders, join CLC and Laura Heady from the Hudson River Estuary Program to learn more about the Big Night!  Big Night is an annual event that occurs when temperature and precipitation conditions are just right, and these forest animals leave their winter hiding places to journey to temporary vernal pools to breed and lay their eggs. We’ll learn about what different creatures you might find, how to participate in Big Night volunteer opportunities, and take a short walk to Borden’s Pond to look for amphibians.

    Book Signing with Author Nancy Castaldo

    Friday, July 15th , 2016 2:00pm

    Stop in to the CLC Office to meet author Nancy Castaldo, author of The Story of Seeds! We’ll have refreshments available, as well as copies of her book for purchase.

    Something as small as a seed can have a worldwide impact. Did you know there are top-secret seed vaults hidden throughout the world? And once a seed disappears, that’s it—it’s gone forever? With the growth of genetically modified foods, the use of many seeds is dwindling—of 80,000 edible plants, only about 150 are being cultivated. With a global cast of men and women, scientists and laypeople, and photographic documentation, Nancy Castaldo chronicles where our food comes from, and more importantly, where it is going as she digs deeper into the importance of seeds in our world. This empowering book also calls young adult readers to action with suggestions as to how they can preserve the variety of one of our most valuable food sources through simple everyday actions. Readers of Michael Pollan will enjoy the depth and fascinatingly intricate social economy of seeds.

    Trails Task Force Meeting

    Thursday, November 3rd , 2016 5:30pm

    A meeting of trails groups, municipal leaders, and other supporters of recreational trails. The Trails Task Force meets several times each year. Everyone interested in recreational trails is invited to attend.


    Winterfest Nature Crafting

    Saturday, December 10th , 2016 12:00pm

    Celebrate winter with CLC! Stop by our office during Winterfest for hot cocoa, cookies, and the opportunity to make nature-themed holiday crafts – the perfect gift for family and friends! This event is suitable for all ages.


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