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Bike Routes

In 2012, we have two routes focusing on showcasing beautiful and productive farmland. One is in Ancram and the other in Chatham.

Our 2011 self-guided tour features the southeastern part of the county and takes riders past local farms, many of which are permanently protected with conservation easements held by CLC. Riders take scenic secondary roads as the route winds up the hills and down the valleys of southwestern Columbia County with a 50k and a 100k option.

The 2011 route map illustrates the number of private properties, whose owners have taken the leadership step of protecting these views by working with CLC and other conservation organizations to ensure that ample land will remain available for farming, forestry, and wildlife habitat.

Our 2009 ride focuses on the northwestern part of the county. There is a 57km and a 103km route. The map includes protected lands and farms.

Do you have suggested routes and bike resources? Leave them in the comment area below.

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