Columbia County Outdoors
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Columbia County Outdoors
A Guide to Recreational Areas in Columbia County, NY

The 120 page guidebook includes sections on boating, cycling, fishing, winter sports, and hiking in Columbia County. It provides descriptive highlights of 45 locations, includes a detailed map, address, parking, and rules for each property. For each activity, guest authors give an overview of opportunities and resources throughout the County. Proceeds benefit CLC’s conservation work.

Written by Sheldon  Evans (Walks by Protected Land)
Contributing Editor Rebecca Stowe
Design Ron Toelke

Available at the CLC Store and local bookstores. To purchase a copy, contact the CLC store at 518.392.5252, ext.212 or

Book Reviews & Press Coverage

45 locations for outdoor activities

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  1. Beebe Hill State Forest, p. 18
  2. Borden’s Pond Conservation Area, p. 20
  3. Clermont State Historic Site, p. 22
  4. Copake Lake, p. 24
  5. Crellin Community Park, p. 26
  6. Drowned Lands Swamp Conservation Area, p. 28
  7. Freund Wildlife Sanctuary, p. 30
  8. Greenport Conservation Area, p. 32
  9. Hand Hollow Conservation Area, p. 34
  10. Harlem Valley Rail Trail, p. 36
  11. Harrier Hill Park, p. 38
  12. Harvey Mountain State Forest, p. 40
  13. High Falls Conservation Area, p. 42
  14. Keep Conservation Preserve, p. 44
  15. Ken Hummell Park, p. 46
  16. Lake Taghkanic State Park, p. 48
  17. Livingston State Forest, p. 50
  18. Martin Van Buren National Historic Site, p. 52
  19. Martin Van Buren Nature Area, p. 54
  20. Mud Creek Environmental Learning Center, p. 56
  21. New Forge State Forest, p. 58
  22. Nutten Hook State /National EER, p. 60
  23. Olana State Historic Site, p. 62
  24. Omi International Arts Center, p. 64
  25. Ooms Conservation Area at Sutherland Pond, p. 66
  26. Pachaquack Preserve, p. 68
  27. Palatine Park, p. 70
  28. Powell, Wilson M. Wildlife Sanctuary, p. 72
  29. Rheinstrom Hill Audubon Center & Sanctuary, p. 74
  30. River Street Park, p. 76
  31. Roe-Jan Kill Park, p. 78
  32. Roeliff Jansen Park, p. 80
  33. Rogers Island NYS Wildlife Management Area, p. 82
  34. Round Ball Mountain Conservation Area, p. 84
  35. Schor Conservation Area, p. 86
  36. Siegel-Kline Kill Conservation Area, p. 88
  37. Stockport Creek and Flats, p. 90
  38. Lewis A. Swyer Preserve, p. 92
  39. Taconic State Park, p. 94


  • Cheviot, p. 96
  • Lasher Memorial Park, p. 96
  • Hudson River / Hudson Boat Launch, p. 98
  • Kinderhook Lake, p. 100
  • Queechy Lake, p. 102
  • Summit Lake, p. 104

Publication of Columbia County Outdoors was made possible in part from a grant from Furthermore, a program of the J.M. Kaplan Fund.

4 Responses to Columbia County Outdoors

  1. Harriy Buistretski says:

    Hello, Thank You for your time in helping make folks aware of the many great things to do in the outdoors. I haven’t visited any of the land trusts but purchased snowshoows and plan on using those and hiking shoes to explore the great outdoors that Columbia County and the surrounding area’s have to offer.
    Thanks again and have a great New Year !. Harry

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