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HAND HOLLOW Conservation Area

387 Gale Hill Rd or 4079 County Route 9, New Lebanon


  • Woodlands, meadows, a lake, two ponds, streams, and wetlands
  • Active beavers and otters
  • 3 miles of trail
  • 433 acres
  • Prime fishing access from Gale Hill Road

387 Gale Hill Rd, New Lebanon

From Route 295, approximately .75 miles east of East Chatham, take County Route 9 north. In approximately 3.5 miles turn left onto Gale Hill Road; a parking area is located on the right side approximately 1 mile from the intersection.

4079 County Route 9, New Lebanon

Just north of the intersection of County Route 34, parking is next to a beige farmhouse with a large pond.

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CLC properties are open year-round, dawn to dusk.

Admission is free, donations to CLC are appreciated.

All properties have parking areas.

Pets must be on leash at all times, except when swimming.

“Carry in, carry out”. In an effort to minimize human impact on the conservation areas, no trash receptacles are located at the sites. Take your trash with you when you leave.

Dog owners must remove dog waste from the site. Leaving dog waste on the site is harmful to wildlife and creates a major annoyance to site visitors and CLC maintenance staff. There are no trash receptacles located on the site.

People are not allowed to swim.
Motorized vehicles are not allowed unless they are part of an official CLC program.
Fishing is permitted with NYS License.

Limited hunting is allowed on some of the CLC properties as part of the overall management plans.

Audio equipment or radio use is allowed with earphones only.

Please respect the plants, animals, and artifacts at the sites as they make the properties special.


22 Responses to Hand Hollow

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  6. Wendy says:

    Had a lovely walk at Hand Hollow yesterday…except for all the horse poop everywhere on the trails. My dog had a different opinion…tasty, wonderful stuff to roll in. Yuck!!!

  7. Fred Jaeger says:

    Wonderful evening fishing with my son. Caught a feisty bass who jumped high and tossed me back my lure. Beautiful spot.

  8. Justin Ferguson says:

    Enjoyed my first visit to Hand Hollow today, checked out the lake and even landed some early season bass. It is a beautiful place and I plan to visit again! After all I have to check back on those bass to see if they’re still growing!

  9. Michael Chameides says:

    Bald eagles were sighted soaring over the lake.

  10. Patricia Liddle says:

    Pat’s Monday Meander at Hand Hollow. A pair of osprey were talking to each other from across the wetland. I told them there was a nice nesting site at Ooms’ and they flew off. I was going to follow the yellow trail but a coyote was hunting in the meadow by the start of the trail so I headed to the left. Lots of discoveries: loads of springtails in the leaf litter, owl pellet under white pine, old otter and mink tracks, beautiful patterns in the ice along the stream, red fox track across the pond, otter scat on the dam. Always something interesting.

  11. Sarah T. says:

    Thursday, August 16th – 6am. Beaver swimming towards me and my dad as we fished from the blue trail “over look.” It got to within about 30 feet of us and then did a tail slap and disappeared when it noticed us.

  12. Jessica Holmes says:

    Porcupine sighting on the Green Trail (just across from the Novotny memorial bench) on Wednesday, April 4th. Ambled out of the underbrush and into the woods.

  13. Jenny Brinker says:

    Students from Chatham Middle School saw a water snake, many Red efts, an American toad, Red-winged blackbirds, swallows, and bluebirds on their nature hike.

  14. Jenny Brinker says:

    Yellow-rumped Warbler

  15. Jenny Brinker says:

    Tuesday, May 3rd
    Trout Lily’s, Bloodroot, Red Trillium and Spring Beauty’s are all in bloom.

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