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Walking at Ooms
Kids Playing
drilling hole for pole
CLC installing an opsrey nesting platform, article includes video and photo gallery
Flying eagle
Photo by Jack Catalina. View more eagle photos from Ooms.

Ooms Conservation Area at Sutherland Pond

480 Rock City Rd, Chatham


  • 180 acres
  • 3 miles of trails
  • Rolling grasslands, pond, pastoral landscape, Catskill mountain views, and mixed forest
  • Benches and gazebo
  • Great for birdwatching
  • Excellent fishing at the 35-acre Sutherland pond

480 Rock City Rd, Chatham

From the Taconic State Parkway: Take the exit marked for Route 295, East Chatham/Chatham.  From the north, turn right off the exit ramp onto Hartigan Road. From the south, turn left onto Route 295 heading toward Chatham, proceed under the Taconic State Parkway, and then turn right onto Hartigan Road (which also leads to the southbound ramp to the Taconic State Parkway – keep to the left to avoid getting on the parkway). Follow Hartigan Road for one mile until you come to a “Y” intersection. Proceed left for 0.3 miles; the main parking area will be on the left.

From downtown Chatham: follow Route 295 east for approximately 2.5 miles.  You will pass Kling Magnetics on the left and the transfer station on the right. Turn left at Hartigan Road, as if you were entering the Taconic State Parkway southbound, then stay straight, past the Taconic entry ramp. Follow Hartigan Road for one mile until you come to a “Y” intersection. Go left for 0.3 mile and the main parking area will be on the left.

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CLC properties are open year-round, dawn to dusk.

Admission is free, donations to CLC are appreciated.

All properties have parking areas.

Pets must be on leash at all times, except when swimming.

“Carry in, carry out”. In an effort to minimize human impact on the conservation areas, no trash receptacles are located at the sites. Take your trash with you when you leave.

Dog owners must remove dog waste from the site. Leaving dog waste on the site is harmful to wildlife and creates a major annoyance to site visitors and CLC maintenance staff. There are no trash receptacles located on the site.

People are not allowed to swim.
Motorized vehicles are not allowed unless they are part of an official CLC program.
Fishing is permitted with NYS License.

There is no hunting at Ooms Conservation Area at Sutherland Pond.

Audio equipment or radio use is allowed with earphones only.

Please respect the plants, animals, and artifacts at the sites as they make the properties special.


27 Responses to Ooms

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  2. JJ Leo says:

    Hi , just wanted to say that one of our Guests just recently discovered Ooms.
    We run a pet-friendly vacation house rental right nearby, very, very close.
    They were able to take their NYPD dogs to Ooms and raved about it.
    Now, I am going to recommend it to Guests and their dogs.
    I think that I will take my own dogs to try it too.
    Thank you ! JJ

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  6. Robert Belterman says:

    Beautiful place but not handicap accessable to the pond for fishing.

  7. Mary Farley says:

    This pond was part of the 200-acre farm my mother’s family owned from 1928 – 1948, and she remembers cutting ice from the pond in the winter for their ice box. In those days, it was called Schaatz’s pond after a neighbor. We visited today after many years, and it was wonderful to see the pond has become a valuable public resource!

  8. Michael Chameides says:

    Two ospreys sighted! One of them caught two fish in Sutherland Pond.

  9. Peg H. says:

    The swallows are back at the pond!! : )

  10. Donald D. says:

    I was not far from the pavilion on 3/30/2013 at around 5:00 PM and I am pretty sure I saw a mountain lion run slowly from the water across the trail and up onto the field. From its color, size, body movement while running not sure there is much else it could be. Glad I got to see it, but glad also it was far away.

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  13. Lynne Harding says:

    Saw an anhiga today-a common sight in the south but unusual here. Got a photo but can’t post it here.

  14. Lynne Harding says:

    It’s all about monarchs now. So many flying around at Ooms.

  15. Lynne Harding says:

    cedar waxwings today.

  16. Lynne Harding says:

    What time of the day has this person seen the moose?

    • Michael Chameides says:

      An Ooms neighbor told us that the Moose was euthenized by a DEC official. It was having serious trouble walking – perhaps from getting hit by a car. :(

  17. Michael Chameides says:

    An Ooms visitor reports multiple sightings of a Moose!

  18. Jenny Brinker says:

    Bobolinks and Bluebirds.

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