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Girl at Summit
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Seasonal Pond
View from Summit
marks in snow
Marks in the snow reveal an owl swooping in to catch a mouse.

Schor Conservation Area

58 Shoreview Dr, Canaan/Red Rock


  • 233 acres
  • 2.5 miles of trails
  • Forest, pond, picnic area
  • Summit offers views of Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains. On a clear day, city of Albany is visible.
  • Bequeathed to CLC by Jon Schor, an early trustee and an advocate for traditional outdoor recreation
  • Maintained in part with the support of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation’s Quailwood Fund

58 Shoreview Dr, Red Rock

The Schor Conservation Area is accessed from Cemetery Road in Red Rock.

Traveling east from Chatham on Rte. 203: take a left onto County Route. 9, following signs for Red Rock. After 2.5 miles, bear right onto Route 24, following for 1.8 miles. Take a left onto Cemetery Road and follow for one mile to Shoreview Drive on the right. Follow the entrance road for .5 miles to the parking area and trail entrance.

Traveling West from Spencertown/Austerlitz: take a right onto County Route 9. Bear right onto Route 24, following for 1.8 miles. Take a left onto Cemetery Road and follow for one mile to Shoreview Drive on the right. Follow the entrance road for .5 miles to the parking area and trail entrance.

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Ecological Description

Schor Ecological DescriptionA complete ecological description of the site’s geology, flora and fauna prepared by the Farmscape Ecology Program.



CLC properties are open year-round, dawn to dusk.

Admission is free, donations to CLC are appreciated.

All properties have parking areas.

Pets must be on leash at all times, except when swimming.

“Carry in, carry out”. In an effort to minimize human impact on the conservation areas, no trash receptacles are located at the sites. Take your trash with you when you leave.

Dog owners must remove dog waste from the site. Leaving dog waste on the site is harmful to wildlife and creates a major annoyance to site visitors and CLC maintenance staff. There are no trash receptacles located on the site.

People are not allowed to swim.
Motorized vehicles are not allowed unless they are part of an official CLC program.
Fishing is permitted with NYS License.

Limited hunting is allowed on some of the CLC properties as part of the overall management plans.

Audio equipment or radio use is allowed with earphones only.

Please respect the plants, animals, and artifacts at the sites as they make the properties special.


30 Responses to Schor

  1. Peter Myers says:

    We have started a Red Rock based monitoring group for Schor. We met with Nate Davis at the Pond and with him and Peter Paden at the CLC offices. Peter stated that they were interested in starting support groups for other conservancy areas as they are stretched thin for personnel. If you are interested in getting involved contact Nate. I hope to see you at the Red Rock Historical Society Cocktail Party October 4th. 5:30 – 8:00. Several of the Schor monitors will be there and there will be great entertainment.

  2. I am conducting a species inventory of the flora and fauna along the trail around Jon’s Pond. I also am inventorying species of amphibian and fish in the pond. I have been unable to catch any fish in the pond, and all I have observed fish-wise in the pond are the frogs. Has anyone been able to catch any fish in Jon’s Pond?

    • Peter Myers says:

      We stocked the pond with fish from a hatchery not so long ago. There are no reports of dead fish, so maybe they are in the deepest part of the pond in the center.

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  4. looks like a wonderful walk!!

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  7. Peter Myers says:

    On the path from/near the parking lot to the pond, if you look to the left, there is an old foundation and well. I have the 1873 map of Canaan and wonder if anyone knows who was the inhabitant/owner of that house. It looks like others in the vicinity that were of that period……

  8. Dawn Fratangelo says:

    Thanks to Peter and everyone for the lovely Once in a Blue Moon hike. It was my first full moon stroll with the CLC and I look forward to many more.

  9. Jack Catalina says:

    While fishing with my two young sons on Saturday, September 3rd we ran into 3 rude adults that believed the rules didn’t apply to them. They arrived with two dogs that were allowed to run off leash, getting tangled in the fishing lines and being a general nuisance. Then the two women (old enough to know better) entered the water and began swimming exactly where we were fishing, forcing US to move. Eventually we gave up and went home.

    • Michael Chameides says:

      Jack, I’m sorry to hear about your negative experience. We are working on making our rules more prominent and educating people about why they are important. I hope we can prevent this from happening in the future.

      • Joyce Griffin says:

        Remember and honor Jon’s wishes. His pond is for swimming.

        • Michael Chameides says:

          CLC shares Jon’s vision for public access to the land. In setting up the land as a Public Conservation Area, we worked to establish the pond as a public swimming area to carry on Jon’s legacy. We learned that the law establishes strict standards and permitting requirements for a corporate entity like CLC to permit people to swim on a property we own – a lifeguard on duty, telephone access, bathroom facilities, to name a few. Those rules did not apply to Jon, as an individual property owner. After two years of dealing with the regulatory agencies, we reluctantly concluded that without spending many thousands of dollars we could not make the pond meet the NYS Department of Health’s regulations under the State’s Sanitation Code for pubic swimming areas. It is illegal for us to allow swimming at the site.

  10. Michael Chameides says:

    Two coyotes spotted in the fields.

  11. Jenny says:

    Three white-tailed deer on the Red Trail and ripe blackberries everywhere!

  12. Lynne Harding says:

    Gray catbirds meowing away today.

  13. Lynne Harding says:

    reports of pregnant mountain lion on path coming up from ehind the gazebo.

  14. Susan Antos says:

    Took pictures of some amazing mushrooms today at the Schor Preserve. Would like to post. How do I share them?

    • Michael Chameides says:

      That’s great! We’d love to see your photos. You have three options:

      1. You can embed images in your comments. Start a comment and then click the “browse” button next to “Select File”. You can upload an image from your computer.
      2. If you use a photo hosting service like flickr or twitpick, your can embed those images by clicking the “embed images” link.
      3. You can email us the images.
  15. Jenny Brinker says:

    Saw a doe and one wee fawn crossing Shore View Drive yesterday afternoon.

  16. Jenny Brinker says:

    Prescott spotted a coyote near the barns and visitors to the pond saw two black bears emerging from the water.

  17. Tony says:

    Baltimore Oriole spotted in the woods near the pond – 05-14-11

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