Arlene Brown with Bernadette Orr cleaning out bluebird boxes
CLC volunteer receives award
Faruk Ortabas
Volunteer Profile: Faruk Ortabas
A volunteer pulls water chestnut into his canoe
Volunteers help remove invasive species
Bluebird photo by William H. Majoros
Volunteers support Eastern bluebird program
Adam Day leads a team to improve bridging
Volunteers improve bridging at Bordens


Sign up to become a CLC volunteer. Utilize your skills to protect the places we care about. Contribute to our community, helping CLC to offer engaging community programs. People can volunteer by participating in a volunteer day, acting as an assistant for a project or event, or leading a project.

Potential Volunteer Activities

  • Steward, monitor, or work at a Public Conservation Area
  • Assist with a program or event
  • Photograph a CLC event or conservation area
  • Offer your specialized skills to CLC
  • Become a CLC ambassador

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