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Columbia County Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan

CLC has been working with the County Agriculture and Farmland Protection Board and the Hudson Valley Agribusiness Development Corporation to craft a plan to support and promote local agriculture. Three public meetings have been held recently to present and discuss the Draft Plan prior to it being considered for adoption by the County Board of Supervisors later this Spring. A public hearing will also be scheduled at that time.

Public comments on the draft can be made in writing to:
County Agriculture and Farmland Protection Board
479 Route 66
Hudson, NY 12534

The 18-month planning process started with an inventory of farming throughout the county that included an assessment of its strengths and needs, its economic value, open space value, and the consequences of conversion. Seven focus groups were held throughout the county and farmers and interested parties completed written surveys.  The plan sets out major goals and related recommendations for strategies to support and sustain both farming and the farmer. Columbia County is one of two counties in New York State that does not have such a farmland protection plan. The adoption of a plan is a commitment to ensure the health and expansion of the farm sector as well as a significant milestone in the community’s understanding of the importance of agriculture to our economy, our landscape, and our community culture.

The members of the Country’s Agriculture and Farmland Protection Board are to be commended for the diligence and hard work they have put into the development of a Farmland Protection Plan.

Peter Paden, CLC Executive Director

For more information, contact Christine Vanderlan, the Columbia Land Conservancy’s Community Projects Manager, at 518.392.5252, extension 208, or

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