Farm Advisor

Get advice from a volunteer about how to create or expand a farm.

Farmer Advisors

The program provides landowners and new/young farmers the opportunity to get guidance from an experienced farmer. The advisors discuss land’s agricultural potential, assist with lease discussions, as well as provide general advice.

Landowner Advisors

Landowners with leasing experience are available to chat with other landowners interested in leasing their land. They can offer advice and ideas about successful leases.


If you would like to take part in this program contact Marissa Codey at 518.392.5252 ext. 211 or email Our Farmland Assessment Volunteers and Consultants List includes a list of CLC’s Volunteer Farm Advisors, as well as other local organizations and individuals that can help with farmland assessments.

Forms for Volunteers

Farm Advisers reporting on their farm visits can use our online form.