Columbia Land Conservancy


The Columbia Land Conservancy works with our community to conserve the farmland, forests, wildlife habitat, and rural character of Columbia County, strengthening connections between people and the land.

The Columbia Land Conservancy will be a dynamic force in supporting and sustaining a strong and
vibrant rural community, where agriculture plays a central role in the economy, where development
respects historic traditions and natural resources and where there are accessible open spaces and
abundant, healthy natural lands and wildlife habitats.

Core Values
In carrying out our work, the Columbia Land Conservancy is guided by the following core values:
Stewardship – Columbia County’s scenic landscapes, diverse wildlife habitats, and fragile natural
resources are a trust to be conserved for future generations through sound stewardship practices.
Community – A shared appreciation for the land contributes to a strong and healthy community.
Our conservation agenda should be responsive to the needs and desires of the people who live here.
Tradition – Agriculture has played a defining role in shaping Columbia County’s natural
environment and community character. The working landscapes of the countryside and historic
rural patterns of settlement in hamlets, villages, and towns are central to our heritage and should
be maintained.
Collaboration – We collaborate with other groups and individuals with common objectives. We listen
to all concerns. We treat everyone with respect.