Peter Paden

Executive Director

  • Email:
  • Ext: 213

Peter has been Executive Director since February 1, 2007. Prior to that time, he practiced law in New York City specializing in environmental and land use projects and litigation. Continue reading “Peter Paden”

Lee Alexander

Conservation Projects Manager

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  • EXT.: 215

Lee began working for CLC in May of 2015, after having spent 15 years in the land conservation field with Scenic Hudson, The Trustees of Reservations, and The Nature Conservancy. Continue reading “Lee Alexander”

Heidi Bock

Stewardship & Education Manager

  • Email:
  • Ext: 207

Heidi is a native of Columbia County and joined CLC in June 2006. She has always been amazed at the beauty and abundant natural resources of this area. Continue reading “Heidi Bock”

Whitney Bushey

Public Lands Steward

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Whitney joined CLC in June 2017 as a Public Lands Steward. She grew up roaming New England’s woods, lakes and mountains and went on to earn a degree in wildlife ecology from the University of Maine. Continue reading “Whitney Bushey”

Tom Crowell

Special Projects Manager

  • Email:
  • Ext: 209

Tom has been with CLC since 1999. During his first six years at CLC, Tom was a Senior Land Protection Manager. Continue reading “Tom Crowell”

Nate Davis

Public Lands Projects Manager

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  • Ext: 205

Nate has worked at CLC since May of 2010, where he puts his appreciation for our natural resources and passion for not over-developing land into practice. Continue reading “Nate Davis”

Terence Duvall

Conservation and Agricultural Projects Associate

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  • Ext: 225

Terence began working at CLC in November 2015. He is excited to join a team of people dedicated to maintaining this beautiful part of the Hudson Valley. Continue reading “Terence Duvall”

Erica Harris

Development Coordinator

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  • Ext: 202

Erica joined the CLC team in March 2016, and is excited to help strengthen the connection between rural communities and the landscapes they inhabit. Continue reading “Erica Harris”

Jessica Holmes

Director of Operations

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  • Ext: 216

Jessica joined the CLC staff in October 2005, and loves being part of achieving CLC’s mission. She especially appreciates being able to see tangible results of our excellent work while driving around the County. Continue reading “Jessica Holmes”

John Horton

Volunteer Programs Coordinator & Public Lands Steward

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John joined the CLC team in October 2015. John’s interest in land conservation stems from his passion for wildlife conservation and his love of the natural world. Continue reading “John Horton”

Bea Lawson

Conservation Easement Stewardship Assistant

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  • Ext: 207

Bea joined CLC in July 2017 after graduating from Denison University with a degree in Environmental Studies and Biology.
Continue reading “Bea Lawson”

Anne Marshall

Accounting and Office Manager

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  • Ext: 212

Anne’s been with CLC since March 2014, and manages our accounting, the CLC office building, and store, where we sell items that support our mission. Continue reading “Anne Marshall”

Beth H. Mills, Ph.D.

Director of Conservation Programs

  • Email:
  • Ext: 201

Beth joined the staff at CLC in July 2017 after working for many years in New Mexico where her focus was on community and open space planning, land protection, and conservation. Continue reading “Beth H. Mills, Ph.D.”

Rebecca Walker

Communications Manager

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  • Ext: 214

Rebecca joined CLC in July 2015, and is thrilled to have found an opportunity to put her communication skills into practice to achieve conservation results. Continue reading “Rebecca Walker”