Troy Weldy



Troy assumed the new title of President on September 28. (more…)

Heidi Bock


Conservation Education Manager

Heidi is a native of Columbia County and joined CLC in June 2006. (more…)

Doug Brown


Public Lands Manager

Doug joined the CLC team in March 2019. (more…)

Whitney Bushey


Assistant Public Lands Manager

Whitney joined CLC in June 2017 as a Public Lands Steward. (more…)

Sam Calhoun


FARM Program Associate

Sam joined CLC in June of 2019 as the FARM Program Associate. (more…)

Marissa Codey


Director of Agricultural Programs

Since she began working at CLC in 2003 Marissa has overseen many transactions. (more…)

Terence Duvall

FARM Program Coordinator

Terence joined CLC in November 2015, and focuses on the Farmer-Landowner Match Program. (more…)

Arianna Ferrario

Stewardship Associate
Arianna joined CLC in November 2018, and is part of the easement stewardship team. (more…)

Jessica Holmes


Director of Operations

Jessica joined the CLC staff in October 2005, and loves being part of achieving CLC’s mission. (more…)

Rachel Hoppins

Development Coordinator

Rachel joined CLC in April of 2019, and hails from the Kansas flatlands. (more…)

JJ Kathe


Public Land Steward

JJ joined CLC in May 2020 and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geography. (more…)

Beth H. Mills, Ph.D.

Director of Conservation Programs

Beth joined the staff at CLC in July 2017 after working for years in New Mexico. (more…)

Katherine Pinkowski

Operations & Outreach Associate

Katherine joined CLC in March 2019. She grew up exploring nature in Columbia County. (more…)

Nicholas Pitel


Conservation Projects Manager

Nick joined CLC in September 2019, and previously worked to protect agricultural land and forests. (more…)

Jenifer Rosete


Conservation Education Intern

Jenifer joined CLC in October 2020 and is a Columbia County native. She received her Bachelor’s in Environmental (more…)

Jamie Shields

Social Media Intern

Jamie joined CLC in October 2020. Jamie grew up exploring the apple orchards in their backyard in Milton. (more…)

Paul Stathis

Public Land Steward

Paul joined CLC in January of 2020. He is excited to conserve the land of Columbia County. (more…)

Christine Vanderlan


Community Projects Manager

Christine became part of the CLC team in January 2014, and works with towns and municipalities. (more…)

Rebecca Walker

Communications & Grants Manager

Rebecca joined CLC in August 2015 after completing a dual-degree graduate program. (more…)

Craig Westcott

Director of Philanthropy

In partnership with staff and board colleagues, Craig nurtures relationships and raises philanthropic support for CLC. (more…)

Christopher Young

Stewardship & GIS Coordinator

Chris joined the CLC staff in June 2016, and is a Columbia County native. The wonders of nature fostered (more…)




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