Nature Journaling: Bold Lines

For this week’s nature journaling activity, we want you to make bold lines. While using a pencil allows for erasing, delicate re-drawing, and making sure things look just right…sometimes leaning in, letting go, and using a pen with no capacity to erase helps us really focus more on the things in front of us that … Continue reading Nature Journaling: Bold Lines

Flower Collection

For this week’s Nature Journaling exercise, explore through comparing and contrasting two (or more!)  things in the world around you. You can compare and contrast by drawing, writing, or even creating a small collection in the pages of your journal, depending on what items you choose! One way you can approach this exercise is by … Continue reading Flower Collection

Nature Journaling: Zoom In – Zoom Out

For this installation of Nature Journaling, we want you to get closer! This exercise is called “Zoom in/Zoom out,” and is a helpful tactic for focusing in on details and more fully understanding what it is you’re drawing. Sometimes the best way to figure out how to draw something is to break it up into … Continue reading Nature Journaling: Zoom In – Zoom Out

May Nature Journaling

Mondays in May are for Nature Journaling here on the blog! There’s no one way to keep a Nature Journal. It can be mostly writing-based or mostly drawing, or a little bit of both. You can add to it daily or whenever you feel inspired. It can be intimidating as we feel the pressure to … Continue reading May Nature Journaling

Wild Wednesday: It’s Spring Ephemeral Week!

Lots of flowers bloom in spring, in the fields and on the trees and in the woods, but what makes a flower an “ephemeral”? The term spring ephemeral refers to a certain group of early spring wildflowers that bloom mostly in the woodlands, on the forest floor. Delicate, perennial, and often low to the ground, … Continue reading Wild Wednesday: It’s Spring Ephemeral Week!

Management Monday! Hummingbirds are returning!

This time of year, you might start hearing buzz about hummingbirds being seen on their way back from their tropical wintering grounds in Central America and Mexico! Ruby-throated hummingbird migrations have been a little stop and go due to the colder temperatures and storms throughout the southern states as they try to move north to … Continue reading Management Monday! Hummingbirds are returning!