Cultivating a Constituency for Conservation

Increasing our public education and outreach to strengthen a community conservation ethic will make it possible for CLC to inspire a deep appreciation for the natural world among county residents.

The Community Engagement initiative will enable us to:

•  Expand our capacity to provide meaningful outdoor experiences to people of all ages;

• Maintain a more robust relationship with County schools and community-based youth organizations to substantially expand outdoor experiences for audiences who have not traditionally had access to such programs;

• Offer additional assistance to landowners looking to us for guidance on how to manage their property’s natural resources to enhance conservation values;

•  Support planning, trail building, and creating municipal parkland by providing additional resources to municipal officials and community groups;

• Promote public health and getting people outdoors by collaborating with community institutions (e.g., hospitals, schools, community centers) to create programs; and

• Address the impacts of climate change by taking an active role in community response, including the siting of wind and solar facilities, infrastructure improvements, agricultural practices, and land-use planning.

Sample Project: Assisting Landowners

While conservation easements may not be the best tool for every property, many residents love their land and want to care for it well. As part of our effort to engage landowners with their properties and conservation practices, CLC will launch a brand-new landowner outreach initiative.

This will include workshops on topics like protecting water quality, one-on-one assistance for property owners, and promoting conservation activities such as planting trees in streamside buffer zones.