Seizing Critical Opportunities

The land in Columbia County is  incredibly rich in resources, and protecting it from development is essential to securing the county’s rural character.

The Farm & Forest Protection Initiative will make it possible for CLC to act promptly to secure land when it comes on the market.

The Farm & Forest Protection initiative will enable us to quickly secure threatened farms, forests and other wildlife habitat and properties that have special value so that we can
• Save threatened properties by purchasing them and holding them temporarily while we await a pending grant award or until we can sell the land subject to a conservation easement that permanently protects its conservation values;

• Prevent the development of important land by securing an “option” agreement for a specified period while we seek funding to secure the long-term future of the property;

• Enhance our ability to pursue grant funding by enabling us to conduct rapid due diligence, such as land appraisals and environmental assessments; and

• Acquire permanent ownership of valuable conservation land.

Sample Project: Round Ball Mountain

Our experience with the Round Ball Mountain property illustrates the importance of an initiative like this. When the property that is now Round Ball Mountain Conservation Area came up for sale, a private loan of $300,000 was essential to our ability to acquire it. In order to pay back this loan, CLC received a grant from the State of New York, but it took nearly five years to be disbursed. Round Ball Mountain is now an integral part of an 1,800-acre nature preserve. The Farm & Forest Protection initiative will make it possible to complete more transactions like this one.