Caring for Land in Perpetuity

CLC owns more than 4,000 acres of land that we maintain for the enjoyment of the public and for the protection of the plant and animal species that inhabit them. They serve as the de-facto park system for the entire County. They are our “physical plant” and, like the buildings and grounds of any other institution, they require regular maintenance and thoughtful stewardship.

The Legacy Land Initiative will provide CLC with the ability to:

• Provide high-quality public land access for outdoor enjoyment, site-based learning, and research opportunities;

• Safeguard our natural assets by obtaining comprehensive ecological inventories of the natural assets at each of our conservation area properties and of the challenges, such as invasive species, sensitive species and ecosystems, and unique natural areas;

• Use the best available science and cutting-edge management techniques, modeling the results of various management approaches to visitors;

• Maintain safe and accessible trail systems and visitor infrastructure for people of various skills and comfort levels for hiking and other outdoor activities;

• Enhance the visitor experience and conservation education by creating and maintaining interpretive signage and other educational and recreational improvements; and

• Engage the local community’s skills, interests, and talents by developing an active corps of volunteers to assist in managing, maintaining, and monitoring the conditions and the public use of the properties.

Sample Project: Grassland Bird Conservation

Several of our Public Conservation Areas are home to many grassland bird species. Habitat for these birds is declining, but CLC has the opportunity to play a role in conserving healthy grasslands through altering our management practices at these sites.
The Legacy Land Stewardship initiative will make it possible for CLC to create and implement adaptive management plans tailored to these regionally rare species at our Conservation Areas.