When you commit to making a monthly donation of at least $10 per month, you become a Land Steward, part of our monthly giving society.

In these uncertain times, it’s important to have friends you can count on. The Columbia Land Conservancy relies upon our generous, regular, donors for support in order to achieve our mission of protecting the County’s farmland, forest, wildlife habitat, and rural character. Monthly giving is a convenient and easy way to support CLC’s work all year long.

How is my gift recognized?

As a Land Steward, you receive special benefits for your commitment to giving:

  • Subscription to The Steward Scoop, a special behind-the-scenes look at CLC’s work
  • Discounts in the CLC Store
  • Invitations to our annual Pancake Breakfast
  • Subscription to the CLC Newsletter and monthly email updates
  • Recognition in the CLC Annual Report and Newsletters
  • Individuals who contribute $500 or more through annual giving become a member of The 1786 Society, CLC’s major donor recognition program.

If you are paying via credit card, please use the address associated with the card to avoid any problems with processing. Thank you!