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Step by Step: Restore the boardwalk

Step by Step: Restore the boardwalk

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Imagine yourself on a walk. It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining, red-winged blackbirds are chattering in nearby bushes, the fish are jumping in Sutherland Pond. Then your foot crashes through a rotten board and your socks are soaked to the ankles. You head to the car and go home, thankful you didn’t break a bone or drop your phone into the muck.

Though this experience has happened before, CLC is committed to making sure it doesn’t happen again. We are excited to share that CLC has received a grant of $100,000 from the Land Trust Alliance’s Conservation Partnership Program to replace the boardwalk at Ooms with a better, more durable structure designed to last for decades. This boardwalk will be the centerpiece of a multi-phase capital project.

The overall vision for this project could include:

  • Replacing the existing 150-foot boardwalk, which is rotting through and falling off its metal piers, with a more stable, durable structure.
  • Extending the boardwalk’s footprint into some of the wettest, muddiest parts of Ooms
  • Creating ADA-accessible fishing platforms and additional trails.
  • Extending the existing platform into Sutherland Pond to create a space for wildlife observation and education programs.

Step by step and board by board, let’s build something amazing together.