Dogs & Public Conservation Areas

With spring just around the corner (we hope!) many of us will soon be hitting the trails with our four-legged friends to enjoy the sites and sounds of CLC’s Public Conservation Areas. While we love our furry pals, and many CLC staff have spoiled dogs of their own, we ask that all visitors to our sites keep their dogs on leash, and pick up after them. Why?

  • Public Conservation Areas are for everyone, and not everyone is a fan of dogs. Unleashed dogs can knock over small children, frighten people who have had traumatic past experiences with dogs, or intimidate submissive dogs who are on-leash.
  • Being on leash keeps your pup safe. Public Conservation Areas are home to porcupines, skunks, and other creatures that may not get along with your dog.
  • Many sites are home to fragile wildlife that can be damaged by dogs off-leash. Several CLC sites include grassland habitat where ground-nesting birds make their homes. Dogs bounding through these open fields can destroy nests, stress birds, or injure baby birds.
  • Dog poop is much easier to find when it’s close to the trail. Dogs generate several billion pounds of poop per year that includes E. coli, parasites, and fecal coliform bacteria that can make people sick, contaminate water, and just generally make for an unpleasant hiking experience if you unwittingly step in it. Check out this article for more information.

Thanks so much for being a considerate site user, leashing your dogs, and picking up after them! CLC owns and manages over 4,000 acres of land with only four full-time staff, and we can’t constantly police our sites. If you notice someone habitually breaking the leash rules, please contact our office at 518.392.5252.

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