A series of working farms workshops that explore leasing farmland. The workshops support the increase in agriculture in Columbia and Dutchess Counties by showing landowners and farmers how to navigate the farmer landowner arrangements, including leases, insurance, and the Agricultural Property Tax Assessments. The workshops are closely connected to our Farmer Landowner Match Program, which was expanded in mid-2013 to Dutchess County through CLC’s partnership with the Dutchess Land Conservancy. This collaboration is designed to connect more landowners looking to have their land farmed with farmers seeking land. All Down to Earth workshops are free of charge, and refreshments are provided.

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These workshops are supported by the Hudson Valley Farmlink Network, which is coordinated by American Farmland Trust and has received primary funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.


Please enjoy the materials from our October 11, 2017 workshop below.

Farm Credit East Financing
National Young Farmers Coalition’s Work with the FSA
National Young Farmers Coalition’s Finding Farmland Tool
Intro to the Farmer Landowner Match Program 
FSA Farm Loan Programs

Please enjoy the material from our October 18, 2017 workshop below.

Crop Insurance as a Risk Management Tool

Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP)


Understanding Your Land And Options: Farmland Suitability And What’s Right For You

Access Dr. Conrad Vispo’s presentation on wildlife and farmland – to download, right click on the link.  More resources are on their way!

Farmland Access And Conservation Tools

Access the presentation from the event by clicking here!  To download, right click on the link.


Introduction to Farmland Leasing
To listen to workshop sections as a podcast, email Rebecca Walker for access: Introduction to Farmland Leasing Basics (Marissa Codey, Tim Biello), Assessing Land FOr Farming, (Will Yandik), Farmland Leasing Panel Discussion (Lauren Jones, George Litchco, Jennifer Phillips,  Henry Smedley, Joanna Tipple)

Farm Transfer and Estate Planning
To listen to workshop sections as a podcast, email Rebecca Walker for access: Intro and Personal Experience (Marissa Codey, Brian Chittenden), Family and Communication Tools (Dan Welch), Tax Considerations, Health Care, Business and Planning (John Lavelle, Bill Martin), and Agricultural Conservation Options (Jerry Cosgrove, Marissa Codey)

Planning your Farm—Meet the Professionals
Local farm advisers offered free one-on-one advice in all areas of farm planning including business planning, lending, grants, legal considerations, distribution, marketing, and much more.

Effective Farmland Lease Drafting and Dispute Resolution
To listen to workshop sections as a podcast, email Rebecca Walker for access: Effective Farmland Lease Drafting (John Friedman, Maryanne McGovern Kenyon), Negotiation and Dispute Resolution (Peter Glassman).

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