We thank our project partners Dutchess Land Conservancy, Equity Trust, and Scenic Hudson for their contributions. 




 Andrea Woodner (A. Woodner Fund)
James and Sylvia Adams
Nicholas Adams
Christine E. H. Aiken
Jonathan Akeley
Anonymous (9)
Jessica Aquino
Roselyn Aring
Elyse and Joshua Arnow
Henry and Leslie Babson
Jeffrey Baker and Cathy Franklin
Ann and Mal Barasch
Didi and David Barrett
Sue and Art Bassin
Drs. Saida and Sherwood Baxt
Ann and Webster Beal
Justin Beeber
Madalyn Benoit
Laurence and Sally Berg
Craig Berggren
Berkshire Coop Market
Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation
Warren Berland
Stephanie Bernheim
Maria Bertrand-Severi
Eve Biddle
Stefanie Birkmann
Edward and Marge Blaine
Kathleen Blake
Jay Bock
Hal and Jean Bogardus
Stephen Boothroyd
Victoria Boulay
Michael and Mary Brabeck
Miles Braffett
John Brett
Sally Brody
Larry Brown
Donna Burns
Jeff and Andrea Butler
Robert Caccamise
Wilma Cain
Camphill Village U.S.A Inc.
Mary and Kevin Casey
Paul Chaleff and Haesook Kim
Barry Chase and Rosemary Lyons
Scott Chase and Jeanne Valentine
Thomas Chulak and Nicole Furnee
Judith Church
Adrienne and Michael Citrin
Hugh and Sheila Clark
Clif Bar Family Foundation
Anne Codey
Elizabeth Coe
William and Deborah Cohan
Stanley and Carrie Cohen
Elizabeth Collins
Maura Collins
Tricia Collins
Susan Cooper and David Myers
Claire Copley
Jeff Crystal
Craig Cunningham
Thomas and Alyson Dachelet
Andrew and Jodi Dady
Gary Delemeester and Jeffrey Daly
Blaise and Renee D’Ambrosio
Rachel Dana
Kevin Davis
Maureen Davis
Michael and Wenny DeWitt
Maria Disalvo
B. Docktor
Susan Donaghey
Karyn Dornemann
Peter and Deb Dowling
Barbara Drake
Geoffrey and Daphne Drury
Wendy Duffield
Susana Duncan and Grant Winthrop
Wayne Dunlop and Bridget von Jeetze
Robert and Solange Dweck
Choral Eddie
Kathryn Eddy
Andrea Eisenberg
Lucy R. Eldridge
Susan Elmore
Rachel Ephraim
Tina Epstein
Al and Noel Fair
Stuart Farr and Sarah James
Elizabeth and Walter Faulkner
Richard Feiner
Betty Feldman
Juniper Coyote Fennell
Jonathan Filley
Diane Forbes
Steven Fordyce
Katherine Fraser
Jerry and Camille Freedner
Dr. Dorothy Friedberg
Bruce and Karen Frishkoff
Danielle Gaebel
Philip and Joan Gellert
Jeffrey Glen and Rosina Abramson
Fredric and Amy Gold
Kathy Golden
Michael Goodman and Lisa Federico
David Gordon
Joseph Gosler and Sheila Wolper
David Gurin and Laura Simich
David Haines
Jennifer Hand
Ross Hardy
Michelle Heffernan
Catherine Heider
David Hess and Andrea Kahn
Susan and Pavel Hillel
Craig and Henrike Holdrege
John Horton
Patricia and Colin Houston
Amy Humes
Madelon Hunt and Lawrence Hunt
Martha Hunt
Elaine Hutchinson
IBM Corporation Matching Gifts
Integrative Animal Care
Pamela Jaber
Margaret Jacobs
Lisa Jarvis
Johanette Wallerstein Institute
Kimby and Ally Johnson
Joseph B. Rose Family Foundation
Susan Joseph
Katherine Kane, DVM
Lauren Kaplan and Jesse Goldberg
Linda Kaplan
Alan and Linda Kaufman
Ellen Kelly-Lind
Janet Lincoln and Robert Kessler
Karin Kingsley
Malcolm Kirk and Bryce Birdsall
John and Lesley Koegel
Ulrike Kolb
Charlotte Kotik
Inna Kudria
Cindy and Jim Kuster




Andrea Lacey
Amy Lake
The 1772 Foundation
Cari Lang
Lavelle & Finn, LLP
Dr. and Mrs. Cavin P. Leeman
Ms. Anna Lehmann and Mr. Brian Mangum
Jennifer Lehner
Kristen Lengyel
Kim Lewis
Joshua Lichtman
Katherine Lindsay
Louis Loeb and Tully Lyons
Seth Low-Tufo
Vanessa Lutkenhaus
Elizabeth Macfarlane Isler
Stephen Mack
Rose MacLean
Julius and Gertrude Madey
Jennifer Mandel
Skip and Lyn Mattoon
Susan Mcbrien
Cynthia McGahee and Valerie Dudley
The McNally Family
Mary Kate McTeigue
Caroline and Guy Merison
Fran Miller
Deborah Mintz
Kimberly Mooers
Murdoch Morrison and Anne Walwyn-Jones
Judge Karla Moskowitz and Marvin Moskowitz
Mary Murfitt and Bonnie Hundt
Dr. Mary C. Murphree
Robert Murphy and Jack Lindsey
James J. Murray and Eleanor Saunders
Heather Myers
Dani Nicholson
Bill and Peggy Norton
Charles Noyes and Karin Noyes
Marilyn Oser
Joan Osofsky
Peter and Charlene Paden
Gillian Panchy
Richard and Carol Papper
So Young Park
Steve and Elley Passage
Lawrence and Karen Peltz
John Perrella and Lynne Perrella
Dale Peterson
Jennifer Phillips
Jane E. Plasman
Myra Plescia
Antonio Poglianich and Peter A. O’Kuhn
Laura Ponkos
Stewart Prarde
Renée Price
Caitlin Quinn
Raymond Ratte
Jennifer Redman
Joan S. Redmond and Susan Crossley
Holly Reid
Laurel Rhoads-Goodman
David Rich and Cristin Rich
Sheila Riley
Tim Riordan
Shirley Ripullone and Ken Stahl
Julia Ritchie
Erin and David Robertson
Roberta Roll
Kathleen Rolla and Dennis Rolla
Joseph Romano and Dave Hall
Ronnybrook Farm
Paul Rosenberg
Lillian Rosenblatt
Karen and Jeffrey Ross
Susan Roth
Lori and Daniel Rothstein
Elizabeth Ruark
Rachel Rupright and Alexander Monticcello
Tamara Rusoff-Hoen
David Salz
Hanna Sayah
Diane Schapira
Carolyn Schapker
Eileen and Allen Scherl
Mark Schermers and Kate Morrison
Merrie Schiller
Paul and Phyllis Schlesinger
Anne Schwartz
Richard L. Schwartz
Pamela Scott
Susan Seidel
Elizabeth Servetar
Jane R. Shannon
Jenny Sharron
Marissa Shedd
Mary Shimkin
Michelle Shuffett
Rachel Siegel
Andrew and Merrill Silver
Silvia & Co., LLC
Ann and Curtis Simmons
Bobbie Slonevsky
Bradford Smith and Virginia Botelho
Gena Smith
Leon Smith
Timothy and Laura Smith
Maida Snapper
Katherine Snelson
Karin Spanien
Betsy Spears
Karen Steele
Mary and Brad Stein
Russ Immarigeon and Gretchen Stevens
Denise and Davin Stowell
Eliezer Strassfeld and Jennifer Strassfeld
Jon and Leslie Strom
Michael Sweeney
The Dyson Foundation
The Eve Propp Family Foundation
Dorothy Thomas
Robert and Kathleen Thompson
Oakleigh and Jacqueline Thorne
Edward Todd and Charles Matlock
John Tremblay and Eileen Tremblay
Joseph Triplo
Kim Tripp
Carol M. Ublacker
Diane Valden
Joyce Vandemark
Marlene and Bernard Vidibor
Vivian Walsh
Allan and Kathy Weiser
Ma’lis and Peter Wendt
Joan Wentworth
Noel and Rosemary Werrett
Wendy Westcott
Abby Adams Westlake
Christopher White and Andrea Barnet
Stephen Whitehouse and Anne Whitehouse
Marietta Whittlesey and Stanford Meigs
Bob and Leah Wilcox
Carter Wilding-White
Karen Zier and Walter Williamson
Daniel Willig and Marie Burrage
Lisa Wood
Lillian Woodworth
Peter Zinman and Claudia Ray
Cathy Zises