Butternut Hill Farm

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Acres for lease


Acres available for crop production


Acres available for pasture/hay


Property Description

Property’s current condition and current use(s)

Land is fallow except for a few tree and berry bush plantings. Topsoil is excellent — 14 inches in some fields. See maps below for further detail.

Farm history / past uses of the property

Dairy for 150 years. Mostly hay and pasture. Occasional maple syrup and ginseng. Before barn burned, only non-organic items were penicillin if bacterial count went too high, and supplemental feed in winter.

Farm Infrastructure

Fencing description


Water access description

The spring water is beautiful and has never stopped. Since the mid-60s there's a well (put in when the previous owner went over 35 cows) but planning to recap the spring that fed the farm for a century.

Barns/structures description

Old frame farmhouse, ~2,400 sq ft; garage. The barn burned down some years ago.

Farmer housing description

Old frame farmhouse, ~2,400 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, mud room, woodshed.

Equipment description

Small tools

Crops and Livestock

Types of livestock and/or crops permitted to be produced on the property

  • Vineyard
  • Sheep
  • Pigs
  • Permaculture
  • Hay
  • Field Crops
  • Educational or Non-Profit
  • Draft Animal
  • Fruit
  • Goats
  • Grains
  • Herbs
  • Orchard
  • Poultry
  • Vegetable

Livestock/crops description

Except for a few of my plantings, hay and pasture fields are fallow. Open to working out with farmers what's best to start with, understanding that a balance between animals and crops is necessary.

Tenure Options

Tenure options

  • Other Tenure Agreement

Additional Information

Restrictions on agricultural activities permitted on the property under the town's zoning code or other land use laws

It's been agricultural for 160 years. No known restrictions.

Do you require a farmer who qualifies for agricultural assessment?


Are you willing to have the public on the property for a CSA, farm market or related agricultural activity?


Other potential constraints on agricultural activities (property constraints, concerns from neighbors, etc.)

No known restrictions. Neighbors are unbelievably excellent.

Any additional information about this property

I’m looking for a farm couple / farmer with experience in any of vegetables, berries, fruit, mushrooms, medicinal herbs and livestock to help re-create a farm, preferably using permaculture (+ biodynamics?).

There’s plenty of water, sun and worms. Topsoil in some fields is 14 inches. Soil and forest analyses available. Drainage is good. The area is all farms; nearest town, Delhi, is 12 miles. There's a Tractor Supply and other equipment, hardware and lumber suppliers in Delhi and Oneonta.

Maples haven't been tapped in years; ginseng used to be collected in the forest. There are plenty of apple trees and berry bushes, mostly wild. The fields are a natural medicine chest. The land is organic (unofficially).