Flower Collection

For this week’s Nature Journaling exercise, explore through comparing and contrasting two (or more!)  things in the world around you. You can compare and contrast by drawing, writing, or even creating a small collection in the pages of your journal, depending on what items you choose!

One way you can approach this exercise is by examining different flowers. As the fields and forests warm up, more wildflowers are beginning to bloom. At a glance, they might all seem the same – similar color, similar height— intermixed with the green grass. Looking closer, however, there are a few different small purple flowers blooming right now. Draw or even pluck a few of them, securing them to the page, to showcase their differences. Are the flowers actually the same shade of purple? Are they the same size or shape? What are some of the distinctions that set them apart? The lobes on the leaves? The veins on the petals?

Write down those observations in the space around your drawings or plant collection, and take a moment to identify them in your wildflower guide (we recommend Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide!) Or use an app like iNaturalist to record your observations. Now repeat the exercise again, this time with yellow flowers, emerging tree leaves, mushrooms, or even the bark on the trees! Try exploring a different aspect of your collection besides color – you make the rules!

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