COVID-19 Resources

As we adjust to the COVID-19 health crisis and recognize its far-reaching impacts, it is clear how much our communities and local farms depend on each other.

Using the resources below, you can:
Purchase Local Food
• Purchasing local food is one of the best, and simplest ways to support local farmers. Using the resources below, you can find a local farm offering their products online or via on-farm pickup, find a local farmers market, or sign up for a CSA (yes, even in the winter!).

Donate to Local Organizations & Relief Initiatives
• Consider donating to one of the many organizations throughout our region and state that have come together to support farmers and organize around food relief efforts.

Support your Leasing Farmer or Farming Neighbor
• Are you leasing land to a farmer currently? Please consider waiving rental payments or paying for improvements to your land so tenant farmers can invest in capital projects to sustain their operations.
• Get to know your farming neighbors, understand their challenges, and find out how you can support them through this time.

Familiarize yourself with Agricultural Policy Recommendations
• Find out what kinds of policy solutions local farmers are advocating for and join efforts to advance those initiatives.

More Resources