Hunting Season Begins October 1

Columbia County’s deer population causes damage to cars, forests, and crops every year. To responsibly manage the deer population at Public Conservation Areas, the Columbia Land Conservancy is partnering with local hunting clubs this deer season.

Hunting is allowed at Greenport, Hand Hollow, Drowned Lands Swamp, and Overmountain Conservation Areas. Hunters must stay 150 feet away from all trails and are only permitted to hunt with bows and arrows, and shotguns. The season begins October 1 and concludes December 22. Hikers are encouraged to stay on the trails at the sites, wear brightly colored clothing (and consider putting orange gear on your dog!), and hike during the daytime. The Yellow Trail at Greenport will be close through the end of the season.

“A deer population that is too high is wreaking havoc on the ecosystems at the Public Conservation Areas,” says Doug Brown, CLC’s Public Lands Manager. “Our hunting program is designed to reduce deer populations so that native plant species can thrive. We are really grateful to the sportsmen’s clubs for providing volunteers to monitor the hunting.”

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