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About Our Sites

We’ve got ten wonderful places for you to visit for free, dawn to dusk. Enjoy Your Day, Respect the SettingPlease follow these rules in order to ensure you and others can have a safe, enjoyable time while visiting these sites.  Sites are open between dawn and dusk. Camping is prohibited and objects left overnight may … Continue reading About Our Sites

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Borden’s Pond

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5aGktzq4w0&feature=youtu.be Video by Logan Rando About the Site 62-acre Borden’s Pond is home to 1.6 miles of forested trails. Though it’s close to the village, Borden’s Pond is home to a diverse wildlife and forest composition, sloping streamside trails, and wetland and Catskill Mountain views. What to Do Here Hike – trails are easy to moderate … Continue reading Borden’s Pond

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IM1LMLqkFI&list=PLvpcsHQJRWxfrKndI4F-pNwHXE4SWdZM9&index=3 Video by Logan Rando About The Site This 736-acre site within walking distance of Hudson includes 7 miles of trails. Greenport also includes an Access-for-All wheelchair friendly trail. As you explore the park on one of its many trails, take in excellent Hudson River and Catskill Mountain views. What to Do Here Hike – trails … Continue reading Greenport

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Hand Hollow

https://youtu.be/lDGgfFG9maQ Video by Logan Rando About The Site This site features woodlands, meadows, a lake, two ponds, streams, and wetlands. This variety of habitats makes it a prime location for spotting beavers, otters, black bear, bobcat, and wild turkey as you meander the 2.8 miles of trails or enjoy prime fishing access (fishing is by permit … Continue reading Hand Hollow

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https://youtu.be/iTjkIiMhJs0 Video by Logan Rando About This Site The Harris property includes 1.9 miles of trails on 76 acres of land. The hemlock forests provide habitat for a variety of different birds. In the temporary vernal pools, you may see the eggs of frogs and salamanders in the spring, and their young as they hatch. These … Continue reading Harris

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High Falls

https://youtu.be/ZygBFoZcKyA Video by Logan Rando About The Site The High Falls Conservation Area is home to Columbia County’s highest waterfall. The wooded trails bring visitors to a dramatic overlook with views of the falls and provide access to the Agawamuck Creek. The Agawamuck Creek flows northwest until eventually joining the Claverack Creek on its way to … Continue reading High Falls

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https://youtu.be/FjuJtWFyuME Video by Logan Rando About The Site Ooms Conservation Area in Chatham features 2.9 miles of trails on 180 acres of land. This spectacular property includes rolling grasslands, pond, pastoral landscape, Catskill mountain views, and mixed forest habitats.  There are benches and a gazebo for relaxing and birdwatching, and excellent fishing (by permit only … Continue reading Ooms

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https://youtu.be/p44Asho9WA8 Video by Logan Rando About The Site This site offers spectacular views of the Harlem Valley, Hudson Valley, and Taconics. The Overmountain Conservation Area is the largest Public Conservation Area in the Columbia Land Conservancy’s portfolio, at 1,700 acres in size. The site is comprised of three main areas: Round Ball Mountain, Fox Hill, and Kite Hill, which … Continue reading Overmountain

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https://youtu.be/K-R7-ncozZo Video by Logan Rando  About The Site Schor Conservation Area encompasses 233 acres with 2.5 miles of trails. A summit along the trails offers views of the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains. On a clear day, the city of Albany is visible. Schor is also home to interesting ecology – a complete ecological description of the site’s geology, … Continue reading Schor

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Siegel-Kline Kill

https://youtu.be/yVDrMNxrZmY Video by Logan Rando  About The Site Siegel-Kline Kill is a 55-acre site in Ghent with 1.5 miles of trails. Large sycamore trees dominate an extensive flood plain forest along the Kline Kill, and the property also includes a winter sledding hill and a working farm field. What to Do Here Hike – trails are easy … Continue reading Siegel-Kline Kill

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