Drowned Lands Swamp in Ancram boasts 1.5 miles of trails on 114 acres of land.

You can visit a 350-foot knoll with expansive views of not only the swamp, but also surrounding protected farmland.  This Public Conservation area includes a portion of the Drowned Lands Swamp ecosystem, one of the largest wetland complexes in southeastern New York.

In 1995, the Salisbury Bank and Trust Company of Connecticut generously donated approximately 100 acres of land to CLC, establishing what is now Drowned Lands Swamp.  CLC enlarged the area in 2000 through an additional acquisition.  Local folklore includes tales of stills operating during prohibition, either on the property or across the road.

If you’d like to learn more, you can read our Master Plan for the site, or download the informational brochure.

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