Columbia Land Conservancy
Visiting with your dog

Visiting with your dog

Dogs are welcome at all Public Conservation Areas! If you plan to visit one of the sites with your four-legged friend, please follow these rules.

  1. Dogs should be leashed at all times. The sight of an off-leash dog can be frightening for people, and dangerous to other dogs. Everyone deserves the right to enjoy the trails safely. Public Conservation Areas are home to many species of animals and plant life. By keeping your pet on a leash you are helping to ensure the safety of these special habitats. Off-leash dogs can also become injured by wildlife at the Public Conservation Areas.  
  2. Pick up after your pet. CLC asks that you please pick up after your pet and carry out waste bags. CLC sites do not have trash cans, bags will need to be disposed of elsewhere.
  3. Encourage other site users to follow the rules by setting a good example!