Hand Hollow

About The Site

This site features woodlands, meadows, a lake, two ponds, streams, and wetlands. This variety of habitats makes it a prime location for spotting beavers, otters, black bear, bobcat, and wild turkey as you meander the 2.8 miles of trails or enjoy prime fishing access (by permit only, click here for more information). Hand Hollow is a great place to birdwatch, cross-country ski, and kayak. Trails are primarily flat. Enjoy a hike at Hand Hollow? Visit four more Public Conservation Areas as part of the Hike Five Challenge!

Click here for directions to Hand Hollow’s County Route 9 entrance.

Click here for directions to Hand Hollow’s Gale Hill Road entrance.

Current Projects Happening at This Site

Hand Hollow Trail Improvements & Beaver Dam

CLC staff and volunteers are working to improve sections of the Blue Trail from the Gale Hill parking lot to Meizinger Lake. Please do not ride horses or bicycles on this section of the trail, especially during wet weather.

CLC staff are also aware that the beavers who call Hand Hollow home have been… busy working on their dams, keeping the water levels in Meizinger Lake low as a result. We are working to keep the property safe while protecting the beavers.

Site History

The Hand Hollow Conservation Area includes a patchwork of former small family properties. It was made possible through the vision and generosity of families who understood the importance of protecting open space and wildlife habitat for future generations. Click here to view the full brochure and learn more about Hand Hollow and our other Public Conservation Areas.

Trail Map


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