About This Site

The Harris property includes 1.9 miles of trails on 76 acres of land. The hemlock forests provide habitat for a variety of different birds. In the temporary vernal pools, you may see the eggs of frogs and salamanders in the spring, and their young as they hatch. These woodland pools provide critical habitat for amphibians. The property’s cliffs and outcroppings are home to lichens over a century old. The small piles of rocks form crevices and caves that provide great habitat for bats, porcupines, and snakes. Harris is a great place to hike, birdwatch, fish (permit required), or cross-country ski. Enjoy a hike at Harris? Visit four more Public Conservation Areas as part of the Hike Five Challenge!

Click here to listen to a guided tour about Harris Conservation Area using TravelStory!

Click here for directions to 105 Bloody Hollow Road, Austerlitz, NY

Please be sure you are entering Bloody Hollow Road from Stonewall Road

Site History

Gordon Harris donated the property to CLC to be used for recreation and wildlife conservation. We also thank the Greenagers, a Great Barrington-based nonprofit, for partnering to provide youth with natural-resources based work experience maintaining the trails and building the site’s stone staircases. Click here to view the full brochure to learn more about Harris and our other Public Conservation Areas.

Trail Map