About Overmountain


503 Carson Road, Ancram, NY (Round Ball Trailhead)

138 Catalano Road, Ancram, NY (Kite Hill Trailhead)

The road where the Kite Hill entrance is located variously appears as Cattalino, Catalano, Catalonus, and other alternate spellings, depending on which mapping service you’re using.


10 miles of moderate trails with mostly grass terrain.

Great for

Birdwatching, dog walking, picnicking, biking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.

Site history

CLC acquired the property in three phases, starting with the bargain sale purchase of Round Ball Mountain from the Kitchen family, followed by the donation of Fox Hill by the Baxt family, and culminating with a gift of 1,300 acres from the Gilmore family.

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