Round Ball Conservation Area in Ancram is home to interesting ecology that you can view as you hike its picturesque 7.9 miles of trails.For more information, you can read the Round Ball Mountain Ecological Description. A complete ecological description of the 415-acre site’s geology, flora and fauna prepared by the Farmscape Ecology Program.  The site also includes a 1,318 foot summit with spectacular views of the Harlem Valley and Taconic Mountains, and it is located within the watershed of the Harlem Valley Wetland Complex, which supports a number of rare reptiles and plant species.

In 2008, CLC purchased the Round Ball Mountain property through a bargain sale, whereby the sellers donated a portion of the value.  The site used to be home to chestnut trees as large as six feet in diameter.  Around 1912, the site was cleared for timber – stump sprouts of chestnut trees can still be found in some areas of the property.  To learn more,read the Master Plan for the property.