Hand Hollow Trail Improvements & Beaver Dam

CLC staff and volunteers are working to improve sections of the Blue Trail from the Gale Hill parking lot to Meizinger Lake. Please do not ride horses or bicycles on this section of the trail, especially during wet weather.

CLC staff are also aware that the beavers who call Hand Hollow home have been… busy working on their dams, keeping the water levels in Meizinger Lake low as a result. We are working to keep the property safe while protecting the beavers.

Greenport Stiltgrass Management

You may notice a number of surveying flags and some burnt-looking grass along the Yellow Trail at Greenport. CLC is participating in an Environmental Management and Monitoring Alliance (EMMA) network study on non-chemical treatment of invasive Japanese stiltgrassSeveral methods of treatments are being tested, including hand-pulling, weed whacking, crushing, and flame weeding. Data on the effectiveness of the treatments will be collected in September, possibly (we hope!) by the Hudson High School Environmental Club students, and will help land managers across the Hudson River Valley make resource decisions about treating large areas infested with stiltgrass. Watch this short video and hear from CLC Public Lands Manager, Doug Brown, to learn more about this project!

Ooms Knotweed Management

CLC is also testing different methods of controlling and removing Japanese knotweed at Ooms. These include folding the knotweed, smothering it, and injecting small amounts of herbicide into the knotweed. Data on the effectiveness of these treatments will be collected and help CLC make decisions about how best to deal with knotweed infestations on other sites. Click here to read more information about how CLC responsibly uses herbicide.

Overmountain Conservation Area Meadow Restoration

CLC is working with volunteers, contractors, and scientists to transform a corn field into habitat for native pollinators and regionally rare grassland bird species like the bobolink and savannah sparrow. This restoration area is close to the Kite Hill parking lot on Catalano Road. Please stay on trails as young plants are fragile.

High Falls Invasive Species Removal Project & Tree Trimming

The Red Trail is currently closed while we remove invasive species threatening the health of the forest. You can still access the waterfall overlook via the Green Trail. Certified arborists from our friends at New Leaf Tree Services are also trimming trees at the waterfall overlook to improve the view of the falls.