About Schor Conservation Area

Schor Conservation Area includes 2.7 miles of trails, a picnic pavilion, a small pond stocked with trout, and a spectacular scenic overlook from the Summit Trail. 

Fishing is permitted with a CLC permit, click here to obtain a fishing permit.
Swimming is not allowed at Schor or any CLC properties.

Hunting is taking place at Schor during the 2021bow season (October 1 – January 1) for people who have obtained a CLC Hunting Permit. Hunters are permitted to hunt at the northeastern end of the property around away from trails. All monitors are experienced hunters and are not permitted to discharge weapons in or through the trail corridor. If you plan on hiking this property during hunting season please wear blaze orange or other highly visible colors.

The opportunity to enjoy this beautiful forested property was made possible by Jonathan Schor, a Columbia Land Conservancy Trustee. Jon donated this land upon his death.

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