Spring hiking tips
Spring hiking tips

Spring hiking tips

The birds are returning, the ground is thawing, and you’re ready to get outside and enjoy the best spring has to offer! There are a few things to keep in mind before you hit the trails this spring, though.

  • Weather can be unpredictable. The sun may be shining as you fill your backpack, but spring brings with it unpredictable winds, rain, and yes – sometimes a late-season snow shower! Dress in layers so that you can adjust as needed, and bring rain gear.
  • Trails may be muddy. Many Public Conservation Areas include mowed paths and streamside trails. Grass pathways, like those at Ooms, Hand Hollow, and Siegel-Kline Kill Conservation Areas, may remain muddy after the rain has stopped, so be prepared with water-resistant footwear. If you can, walk through mud puddles rather than going around them and widening trails.
  • Streamside trails may be slippery or icy. Spray from creeks may freeze on rocks and make them extra slippery, so use caution on wet trails.
  • Roads and parking lots can be hard to traverse. Dirt roads may be muddy and tricky to navigate in spring weather. Be careful while driving to sites like Schor and Overmountain Conservation Areas, which are located on hilly, winding dirt roads.

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